9 Business Cases Derived from Speech Analytics Technologies

Call centers are increasingly turning to analytics technology to enhance their performance, cut costs, and improve efficiency.

SpeechLog Analytics is one of the best call center solutions on the market. Customers who utilize it get a great return on their investment including these 9 benefits.

Automate Quality Assurance

Instead of checking a random percentage of calls, the best call center solutions enable you to assess every single call quickly and easily. This product identifies predetermined keywords, scores calls, and detects areas of concern like interruptions or silence durations. It can also flag calls for you to investigate further, helping you better manage your call center in less time.

Enhanced Retention

SpeechLog’s churn detection features allow you to track and categorize dissatisfied callers. This helps you locate unhappy customers, understand their problems, and actively employ call agents to help retain them. You can also track the success of retention offers and specific agents. This type of software has been shown to improve retention by 5% and increase profits by 25%.

Strengthened Coaching and First Call Resolution

The best call center managers know that coaching is key to improving performance. SpeechLog provides the ability to strengthen your employee coaching. First Call Resolution metrics help you to identify the most common repeat call topics and characteristics such as tone shift, wrong language, and missed upsell opportunities. This helps you better train agents, improving their performance. It can also reduce agent attrition, preserving expertise and saving you money.

Process Improvment and Compliance

An important consideration for the best call center solutions is whether they help enhance your efforts at compliance. As any call center manager knows, compliance is critical to success. Failures can hurt the perception of your brand, damage customer trust, and even lead to penalties. This software checks and tags calls that go off script. It also redacts protected customer information, helping ensure customer privacy and safety.

Improved Sales Effectiveness

SpeechLog is among the best call center solutions for its ability to provide real-time feedback. It uses metadata to measure the performance of sales representatives, providing in-call prompts that help agents provide customers with offers and packages. This can result in boosting an agent’s performance and using customer satisfaction with problem resolution as a window to engage in cross-selling.

Detecting and Tracking Complaints

While many people are wary about customer complaints, the reality is that customer complaints are good for business when handled correctly. Research has shown that 83% of customers feel greater brand loyalty when their complaints are effectively resolved. SpeechLog empowers tracking of call quality and automated complaint detection. This feature allows you to more quickly and accurately resolve customer issues in less time.

Gain the Ability to Analyze Silence

Long periods of silence during calls are not good for business. They potentially indicate the need for further training of call center staff. SpeechLog utilizes silence analysis techniques that quantify silence on each call and analyzes patterns. This can help you identify call center agents who may need further coaching or processes that can be improved. By reviewing policies, procedures, and training plans, you can reduce the time spent on each call, strengthening efficiency.

Eliminate Interruptions & Overtalk

One of the things that can quickly lead a customer to feel unsatisfied is if a call center agent is interrupting them or talking over them. This is a major sign of poor service. This call center software identifies interruptions and overtalk, helping you become aware of areas of poor performance you may be missing otherwise. This can help you identify and address problems before they cause you to lose lots of customers.

Classification of Calls by Contact Reason

One of the most useful tools for any call center manager is to be able to quickly and easily get a sense of why customers are contacting you. With speech analysis, SpeechLog is able to classify calls into various reasons such as “cancel subscription,” “Wi-Fi down,” “unsatisfactory service,” and other reasons. This allows you to better investigate performance related to specific reasons and can inform decision making.

Ready to Enhance Your Call Center?

While these are five critical benefits of SpeechLog Analytics, there are many other ways that this software can strengthen your call center. Ready to learn more? Contact us today, and we are happy to answer your questions.

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