Etisalat Egypt Deploys Globitel’s SpeechLog Retail for the Best Customer Service Experience

Etisalat Egypt started implementing the newest universal quality assurance system, SpeechLog Retail, offered by Globitel; a leading telecom and contact center solutions provider, founded in 1996 with more than 20 years of experience providing advanced and effective telecom solutions. The system was implemented to deliver a higher customer service quality to Etisalat’s clients in the company’s branches across Egypt. The solution analysis of voice calls between the client and the employee in the branch, in addition to the monitoring of the interaction through video, guarantees the clients that there is a continuous monitoring on the employees, ensuring a higher level of service while in the company’s branches.

Etisalat stated that this system, which is being implemented for the first time in Egypt, is part of its strategy which aims to achieve the highest customer satisfaction levels and to emphasize the fact that the company uses the latest technologies available internationally to guarantee delivering the best service quality in the Egyptian market.

With regard to the new system SpeechLog Retail, Etisalat Egypt clarified that “video monitoring” is the system’s most important feature which helps greatly in assessing customer service employees and salesmen by providing data and indicators, as well as by analyzing personal impressions which is exported from the customer service employee’s and client’s conversation. The company assures that by using this system, it aims at raising employees’ productivity along with developing stronger client-company relationship.

SpeechLog Retail system records voice calls between clients and employees inside the branch, the solution also has the ability to make a comprehensive analysis of the content of the conversations inside service centers, listens to all customers’ complaints and problems as soon as they arise, and is capable of identifying the one at fault in case of any misunderstanding between the client and the employee. This enables the company to achieve the best results in customer service rates, considering that the new system is an easy and smart tool for focusing on achieving the company’s vision in the market more effectively.

Commenting on implementing the new system, IT Vice President at Etisalat Egypt, Amr Fathi said, “Etisalat Egypt always seeks to develop its staff and enhance their capabilities in innovation. Building on the idea that the customer service employees are the most valuable assets in companies, considering that they represent the company in dealing directly with clients and that any carelessness on their part reflects negatively on the whole company, we decided to depend on the SpeechLog Retail solution which contributes effectively in managing and developing employees’ performance and protecting their and clients’ rights in case of any misunderstanding between the two-parties inside the customer service centers.” He clarified that the system has been applied in 5 main branches and it is being applied in other branches gradually over the coming period.

Fathi emphasized that Etisalat, as a telecommunications service provider, seeks continuously to provide recent integrated technologies and solutions to improve and develop clients’ services. He also stated that the new application will help greatly in analyzing voice and video calls by providing high quality business outcomes, and it will help in empowering the supervisors overseeing the system by offering quality control measures better using neat reports and precise assessments.

For its part, Mr. Sharif Al-Nabulsi, CEO of Globitel, said, “This essential step comes from the importance of interactions between the client and the employee. Therefore, Globitel developed the SpeechLog Retail system to complete client solution management, in addition to helping companies in getting an extensive view of the customer service in the company’s centers. Etisalat Egypt will gain important information regarding the quality of its services to get the company to a higher level of service quality.”

Al-Nabulsi concluded, “We are applying some changes on SpeechLog Retail continuously using the most recent technologies to keep up with the market’s changes and demands, which guarantees we implement our vision in becoming the best in providing modern solutions.”

About Etisalat Egypt

Founded in 2006, Etisalat Egypt is a subsidiary of Etisalat UAE, a telecommunications services provider in the United Arab Emirates since 1976. Etisalat is the first 3.5G network operator in Egypt. It is also one of 15 service providers managed by Etisalat in the Middle East, Asia and Africa. Etisalat group currently has access to a potential market of approximately 1 billion subscribers. Today, the group services over 130 million subscribers.

About Globitel

Globitel, founded in 1996, offers a wide range of telecom solutions in more than 45 countries throughout the world. Globitel covers the Gulf, Levant, Africa, Asia Pacific, and Eastern Europe. Globitel’s portfolio consists of Roaming and Mobility solutions for telecom companies as well as Customer Engagement Optimization and Workforce Optimization solutions for call centers.

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