Globitel Announces the Official Release of SpeechLog 8

speechlog 8

Amman, Jordan (September 2020) – Globitel, a leading telecom and customer experience solutions provider, announces the official release of the newest version of the company’s starting product, SpeechLog 8. SpeechLog 8 underwent significant changes to the main platform, as well as its main modules: Quality, Retail, Analytics and Social.

Designed for enterprises, SpeechLog 8 is a centralized solution to perform quality assurance activities on all contact points with customers, including contact centers, retail shops and social media. Globitel has added a new set of features that elevate the user’s knowledge base to an unprecedented level of accuracy and dimension.

To improve overall usability, the team has implemented modifications to user roles, reporting engine and the dashboard of SpeechLog 8. The new capabilities have upgraded the user experience and interface, as well as enhanced the designation of roles inside the enterprise.

SpeechLog Retail, the solution that manages quality assurance at retail shops, now comes with an Emotion Recognition engine. It has the capability to detect the degree of pleasure, displeasure and neutrality of the agent in the recording, based on their facial expressions during the interaction. Interaction recordings are searchable with new emotion-based metrics.

The high churn rate in contact center professions typically incurs high costs on enterprises, as it is necessary to dedicate time familiarizing new agents with their operations. The new E-Learning module in SpeechLog Quality is a way for managers to train new recruits quickly and with ease. This capability saves valuable time and effort when training, achieving both efficiency and effectiveness.

SpeechLog Analytics is now capable of assigning multiple categorizations for the same call interaction. The improved Call Categorization feature enables a far more effective search and evaluation.

Social media continues to grow as a prominent contact point. SpeechLog Social module captures chats between users and agents. Then, a search engine allows managers to search chat text for quality assurance purposes.

Fadi Qutaishat, Globitel VP

“SpeechLog was one of the first solutions Globitel created to address the most basic needs for contact centers. For more than 20 years, we have developed and grown with the market. We have now reached a higher level of emotion recognition, speech-to-text transcription, analysis of calls and more. This progression astounds us when we think of how far we’ve come. SpeechLog 8 is not the beginning, nor is it the end. We’re still going strong, and we will continue to offer more to our network of valued partners.”

About Globitel

Globitel was founded in 1996 with a commitment to technological innovation. The company has regional operations in Jordan, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. Globitel provides advanced software solutions and high-quality products to customers in various vertical industries including telecom service providers, financial service providers, contact centers, government, education and healthcare.

The company customizes solutions and products to the local and regional needs of each customer. Products relate to roaming, VAS and customer experience and are all backed by expert technical skills and professional services.

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