Globitel Innovation Competition 2016

Amman, Jordan (September, 2016) – Globitel, a leading telecom and customer engagement solutions provider, has concluded its second annual Globitel Innovation Competition (GIC). One lucky winner walked away with a cheque worth 1000 JDs, and the highly coveted GIC glass award. Not only did the winner receive a significant cash prize, but the admiration of the Globitel family for the winner’s effort and ingenuity.

Two years ago, Globitel decided to host a competition show for the staff which required participants to come up with an innovative new application or software, and create a comprehensive business plan for it. The business plan tackled the architecture of the product design, feasibility, market accessibility and market needs, as well as the product’s function in details. The purpose of the Globitel Innovation Competition was to showcase the employees’ abilities and innovativeness, as well as motivate and inspire them to push to their limits and think outside of the box.

Seven ideas were picked and the seven teams presented their business plans to a panel of judges. Each judge was chosen based on a different area of expertise; technical, business and regulatory. Ms. Zeena Majali, Co-founder and CAO of CrysTelCall, and Vice Chairman at Int@j, provided the business strategy and innovativeness aspect. Mr. Yousef Mutawe, Deputy CEO and COO at Zain Jordan, presented the technical aspect and Mr. Mahmoud Zaghalil, Director of Government and Regulatory Affairs at Umniah, provided a regulatory perspective to determine the legality of implementing the product. Each team was scored on ten criteria, on a bad to excellent rating scale. The highest scorer was the winner.

Globitel is a company that consistently creates events and competitions such as the Globitel Innovation Competition, in order to promote a healthy and motivated working environment, which leads to increased morale and employee satisfaction. The event was a smashing success, and Globitel could not be more proud of the Globitel family.

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