Globitel Messaging Gateway – STC

Customer Challenge

For operators, short-messaging services (SMS) are an ideal medium for fast, efficient and flexible communication with their customers. As operators expand, there comes a time when they must install more advanced bulk messaging gateways that would handle not only their bulk SMS traffic but also have the flexibility to hand bulk multimedia messaging (MMS) and automate routine customer requests via Application-to-Person (A2P) messaging services.

STC was at a similar crossroads, requiring a high quality gateway that is efficient and secure. They needed a strong interface through which customers can communicate with them more efficiently without having to wait in queue at the call center. Moreover, they needed a gateway that would automate their frequently asked questions through SMS, and one that would also automate their basic services through SMS.


Globitel’s Messaging Gateway (GMG) was what STC had been looking for. GMG is a powerful and advanced bulk messaging services system providing a simple, user-friendly way to send individualized bulk SMS, and MMS messages. GMG multi-layered architecture offers high availability, a rapid sending rate (hundreds of messages per second), flexible scheduling, and easy configuration and control of messages.

Solution Benefits

With GMG, service providers can rapidly “push” (send) SMS/MMS messages in bulk quantities to mobile subscribers, or “pull” (receive) SMS messages from any mobile subscriber for on-demand service. GMG provides for the ability to expand services offered to subscribers via content providers, as well as services developed in-house. These services include balance inquiry, data services subscription and configuration requests, customer care, advertisement campaigns, and many others.

Customer Quote

Globitel’s GMG solution is the ultimate messaging gateway for any serious operator, Their system handles bulk SMS and MMS without glitches, and is fully customizable that it has taken a huge burden off the shoulders of our call center and made answering routine requests a breeze..

Key Benefits

  • Centralized User Interface for Push & Pull SMS / MMS Messaging.
  • Lease Bulk Messaging for 3rd party content providers
  • generating more revenue.
  • Expand SMS handling capabilities of your network.
  • Enhance the SMS Communication Channel with your subscriber base.
  • Scalable Platform accommodating for expanding traffic needs.
  • Rapid integration with the current network infrastructure.

About STC

Saudi Telecom is determined to deliver results on our journey to become a Customer centric and Competitive Company that you our Customers will choose over the competition, Investors will confidently invest in, and Employees will be proud to work for. We are working to become a company where staff and managers are a confident TEAM working together to deliver what you the customers want, need and expect.

Saudi Telecom since its establishment in 1998 has delivered a range of positive results that have delivered a better service to more customers. This has been achieved through an ambitious Transformation & Restructuring Program compound with an extensive expansion of our network and infrastructure.

By the end of 2002, the Saudi Government announced that 30% of Saudi Telecom Shares will be released for sale to Saudi citizens & organizations; Saudi citizens (20%), General Organization of Social Insurance (GOSI) (5%), and Pension Fund Organization (5%). By the end of the subscription period, requests for shares exceeded the number offered by 3.5 times. This is a clear indication that Saudi people are confident of Saudi Telecom’s success and trusts in its future. The General Assembly Meeting of Saudi Telecom new shareholders held at the end of April 2003, elect new board members for the first time.

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