Globitel Launches Mobile Connect in the Jordanian Market

Amman, Jordan (September, 2016) – Globitel, the leading global provider of advanced telecom solutions and customer service, has recently launched its “Mobile Connect” service in the Jordanian market. This special service has been developed by “GSMA”, in order to enable users to manage all their online accounts through a single log-in solution with ease and without any complications.

The “Mobile Connect” service provides users with a secure universal log-in solution to all of their online accounts without them having to enter any of their personal information, passwords, or usernames.  Simply by matching the user to their mobile phone, Mobile Connect allows them to log-in to websites and applications quickly without the need to remember passwords and usernames. It is safe, secure and no personal information is ever shared without the user’s permission.

The digital age has led to an unprecedented level of access to information and services. However, access to such information and services often requires the user to sign-up to websites and applications, resulting in the need to remember user names and passwords. With such a high proportion of users forgetting log-in details, there is a need for a secure solution that bypasses the issue of forgetting passwords, thereby keeping the user engaged.

The user can use the “Mobile Connect”  service either through the service provider and receive an e-mail or a text message, or by clicking on the “Mobile Connect” option on the Website (third party). This is followed by filling in basic information, and as soon as the registration process is complete the “Mobile Connect” service identifies the user through his/her mobile number.

With Mobile Connect, there is no need for passwords or usernames, making logging in so much easier. Also, with Mobile Connect, no information is made available to service providers without the user’s consent, making logging in more private. Mobile Connect is the new simple, safe way to log-in.

“Mobile Connect” enables users to log-in to their electronic accounts with ease and simplicity, getting rid of the traditional way of having to remember passwords and usernames. It is characterized by a high degree of confidentiality and security, and can be used via any network, phone, or website. “Mobile Connect” provides service providers with higher security, and lower costs for customer service, simplicity of use of digital identity, easier connection, and as a whole a much better experience. As for the mobile operators, the service pumps new financial revenues, and strengthens the trust between the operators and their customers, and provides high data protection as they remain within the network environment.


About Globitel:

Globitel, founded in 1996, is a telecom and call center solutions provider with a dynamic and flexible suite of products. Their portfolio consists of innovative and reliable Customer Interaction Management and Workforce Optimization Solutions, in addition to Roaming and Value Added Services catered to the telecommunications sector; enabling enterprises, telecom operators and service providers to grow and enhance efficiency, customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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