Globitel Introduces “SpeechLog Back Office” to Monitor Back Office Agents and Elevate Efficiency Standards

Speechlog back office

Amman, Jordan (November, 2018) – Globitel, a leading telecom and customer care solutions provider, announces a new addition to their SpeechLog Suite; SpeechLog Back Office, a new solution that provides your contact center with a well-managed infrastructure to streamline back office processes; serving to perform diligent quality assurance on back office agents when handling tickets and customer inquiries.

About SpeechLog Back Office

SpeechLog Back Office performs quality assurance and monitors tickets opened in the front office until they are resolved in the back office. It connects back office employees to coordinate their tickets in a cost-effective way. With this new solution, tickets are streamlined, employees are empowered and customers receive a consistent experience across all touch points.

Decreased Agent Handle Time – Less Agents – Lower Costs

The returns of quality assurance, in general, result in feedback to agents regarding their performance while handling their responsibilities. This predictable and desirable outcome is achieved through Globitel’s state-of-the-art, advanced SpeechLog Back Office.

360 Degree SpeechLog Suite – Comprehensive Customer Experience Management All in One

The uniqueness of our SpeechLog Suite stems from its ability to monitor all touch points from a single platform. For example, retail shops, contact centers, social media, and the back office are handled in the most efficient way through this advanced and intelligent platform.

Speech analytics technology, for instance, facilitates the quality assurance process, and transforms interactions into automatically analyzed business intelligence.

To further highlight its status as a business’ best friend, the powerful voice authentication software solution vastly improves call handle time by identifying callers through their voice only creating an impressive customer service experience.

An exclusive level of efficiency can be accomplished through the utility of such an advanced solution which is developed regularly according to the market business needs and requirements.

Nael Halawa, Managing Director of Globitel KSA

“Globitel’s main purpose is to support businesses and help them achieve their goals when it comes to the customer service experience. We also offer guidelines for realizing true consumer needs and how to capture them and to transform customer interactions from their most raw form into powerful business intelligence.”

Halawa continued,

“We made our due diligence into constructing the suite of solutions that cater to the many different aspects of the customer experience and address all issues found in consumer touch points with businesses in retail shops, contact centers, social media, back office, etc. to perform the highest standards of quality assurance and service by improving KPIs and insights using speech analytics technology. SpeechLog Back Office is the latest addition to our committed pursuit in order to benefit all businesses.”

About Globitel

Globitel was founded in 1996 with commitment to technology innovation. For the past 20 years, the Company with regional operations in Jordan, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, has been providing advanced software solutions and high quality products to customers in various industries including telecom service providers, financial service providers, contact centers, governments, healthcare and educational facilities.

The Company customizes its solutions and products to the local and regional needs of each of its customers. This covers a wide variety of products in roaming, mobility and customer care, all of which are backed by expert technical skills and professional services.

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