Globitel Wraps Up the Mobile World Congress 2019 in Barcelona

mobile world congress globitel

Amman, Jordan (March, 2019) – Globitel, a leading provider of customer care and telecom solutions in the Middle East, announces the outstanding closure of the huge 4 day event in Barcelona; the Mobile World Congress 2019.

Intelligent Connectivity

The Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona is a dazzlingly large event. Over 2,000 companies exhibited their products and services at the event. The MWC is never short of an attendant list that incorporates a variety of top industry executives and high-level decision makers. This year’s theme covers the technology associated with what’s smart in the market today.

Our Presence

As one of the exhibitors at the event, intelligent was the word echoing through the brightly-lit halls, men and women in flashy suits, posters and booths inviting visitors to approach and chat. For the 12th year, we complemented the theme well with a completely revamped portfolio of our own.


CX 360

Customer care solutions now feature solutions that address the customer experience at every single touch point in the customer service experience, from retail shops, to contact centers, to social media, and more; covering all blind spots in your service.


The roaming suite of solutions from Globitel underwent a transformation from an added service, to an essential service with a focus on comprehensive analytics, providing an entirely new perspective into the roamer experience. Detecting silent roamers and stimulating usage, devising highly versatile ad campaigns, in addition to providing VIP roamers with an exceptional service represent a small part of the offered services, and much more.

Highlights in VAS, Mobile Lifestyle, LBS, etc.

Globitel’s mobile services stood out this year with a special emphasis on call and SMS control for subscribers. This empowerment is priceless in an increasingly interconnected and mobile world. Operators can offer subscribers remote control for mobile phones, call completion services, location-based services, mobile lifestyle, and so much more.

Fadi Qutaishat, Globitel VP

“Speaking on behalf of the great team behind us who shined this year at the event, I can definitely say this year had all the elements of a bright future for Globitel. We walked the halls and represented our booth; we gave our own input and shared with attendees our expertise in what makes a contact center intelligent in terms of customer experience, big data, and more. Since intelligence was the theme this year, we placed special focus on our roaming solutions that satisfied what people were looking for. We are looking forward to next year, as always!”

About Globitel

Globitel is a leading company offering a wide range of unparalleled telecom and customer care solutions to mobile operators and call centers. Founded in 1996, and based in the Middle East, Globitel has a footprint in more than 35 countries across the Middle East, Africa, and Europe.

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