Ooredoo Oman Deploys SpeechLog Call Recorder, SpeechLog Quality and SpeechLog Analytics Software Solutions from Globitel

press release ooredoo oman

Amman, Jordan (May, 2018) – Globitel, a leading telecom and customer care solutions provider, announces that Ooredoo Oman, has deployed Globitel SpeechLog Call Recorder, SpeechLog Quality and SpeechLog Analytics. The company selected the three solutions to record calls, automate quality management on interactions and perform analyses on agent-customer conversations.

SpeechLog Call Recorder records the interactions at call centers. SpeechLog Quality automates quality management on calls. Moreover, SpeechLog Analytics transcribes the audio conversations into text with accuracy and precision, analyzes the text, and measures various vocal KPIs using audio conversations. Ooredoo Oman acquired the three integrated solutions at their call centers and in doing so, will gain the ability to pinpoint trends and issues, get a better understanding of their customers’ needs, detect up-sell or cross-sell opportunities and much more.

Through the SpeechLog solutions bundle, Ooredoo Oman will be able to carry out their call centers’ operations with ease and efficiency. Ooredoo Oman can record and store large amounts of calls with reliability, make sure agents adhere to the highest level of service quality and extract considerable insights into the services provided to customers. The ultimate benefit derived from the SpeechLog bundle is reaching impeccable customer service, which complements Ooredoo Oman’s commitment to its subscribers. And a particularly powerful feature of SpeechLog Analytics is the solution’s ability to transcribe both English and Arabic, and depending on the needs of the call center, the solution can be equipped with an understanding of any language requested by clients.

Mr. Sharif Nabulsi, CEO of Globitel

“Any corporation seeking to establish itself in the market as a force to be reckoned with is obligated to be ahead of the competition and satisfy customer needs before they know what they need. This is the edge we provided Ooredoo with, by deploying our SpeechLog bundle. SpeechLog Analytics, in specific, lets Ooredoo Oman eliminate blind spots in their customer service through the extraction of a wealth of information from call interactions at their call centers.”

Representative of Ooredoo Oman

“Our mission at Ooredoo Oman is to be the communications provider of choice for mobile users. This requires investment in powerful solutions that will help us provide a service like no other in the country. SpeechLog bundle has the right framework to accomplish proper quality management and analyze interactions to swiftly find and fix customer service issues, fill gaps in the customer service, be proactive in terms of subscriber needs, and much more.”

About Ooredoo Oman

Founded in 2004, Ooredoo Oman was called Nawras until its rebranding to become a part of Ooredoo group in 2014; a leading international telecom company with a customer base across the Middle East, North Africa and Southeast Asia. Headquartered in Qatar, Ooredoo group has a total of 100 million subscribers worldwide. Services offered by Ooredoo Oman include a variety of mobile and Internet services.

About Globitel

Globitel was founded in 1996 with commitment to technology innovation. For the past 20 years, the Company with regional operations in Jordan, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, has been providing advanced software solutions and high quality products to customers in various vertical industries including telecom service providers, financial service providers, contact centers, government, education, and healthcare.

The Company customizes its solutions and products to the local and regional needs of each of its customers. This covers a wide variety of products in roaming, mobility and customer care, all of which are backed by expert technical skills and professional services.

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