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Customer Challenge

For an operator, certain services are keystones of revenue-generation, particularly those that take advantage of subscriber appetite for entertainment. One such service is Ring Back Tone (RBT). This innovative service gives subscribers the ability to decide what a caller will hear during interconnection. RBT solution replaces standard ring-back tones with any tone the subscriber chooses using a simple, multi-criteria customization process.

RBT is quite simply the best-revenue generating service for an operator because of its simplicity and its high demand. In fact, many of SabaFon’s subscribers were repeatedly requesting the service. As a Yemeni operator, SabaFon’s challenge was to gear the content of RBT towards the specifics of the Yemeni audience. The process required thorough research of trends in music amongst subscribers, which showed very specific inclinations that required a fully-customizable RBT system.


The solution to such a scenario is an RBT system that allows the operator full control of content, graphical interface and delivery, all without affecting service quality, enabling the operator to gear the service toward specific target audiences.

Globitel’s RBT has been designed with these requirements in mind. It is a fully customizable system that gives the operator infinite control over content and design.

Solution Benefits

After contracting with Yemeni content provider NET World Systems, SabaFon had a very specific business model that required intricate integration with their content. Globitel’s RBT was able to accommodate for those requirements and provide a system that was fully customizable. Not only was its integration with the content seamless, but SabaFon was able to personalize the graphical user interface to cater to its specific audience.

Customer Quote

Being one of the first operator in Yemen to implement RBT, Globitel’s RBT solution has made our entry into the service as smooth as it can be, Not only were we able to deliver the content of our choosing without errors, but Globitel’s RBT solution allowed us to fully tailor the processes, menus and general interface to suit our target audience. We now have a fully operational service that not only boosts revenue but gives us a competitive edge as well.

Said SabaFon’s Mohammed Robleh, Product & Marketing Manager.

Key Benefits

Operator Benefits

  • Increased ARPU.
  • Attract new customers.
  • Reduce the customer churn.
  • Incremental high-margin revenue opportunity.
  • Can be used for corporate and consumer customers.

Subscriber Benefits

  • Ability to express individualism.
  • Set shuffle or sequential playback of ring back tones.
  • Create/upload your own ring back tones.
  • Different user-friendly provisioning interfaces.

About SabaFon

SabaFon, the Yemen Company for Mobile Telephony, started its commercial operations in February 2001. SabaFon’s vision is to establish a strong, dynamic and flexible organization to serve and benefit the people of Yemen with the latest available GSM products and services. The company provides the highest quality and innovative mobile services and delivers value to all Yemeni customers. Our commitment is to build a state-of-the-art GSM telecommunications network that will facilitate long-term economic growth in Yemen

Since the launch of SabaFon, in February 2001, it has become the largest GSM cellular network, which covers 68% of Yemen’s population. SabaFon will continue its hard efforts to roll out into new places and regions.

About NET World Systems

NET World is a Yemeni based company that was established in 1995 to provide complete solutions (turn-key projects) in areas of information technology, Security, networking & telecommunications, low current systems & building automation, office automation, office automation & telecommunications, and IT based security solutions to both public and private sectors. It also provides consulting and training services tailored towards the specific needs and requirements of its clients.

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