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Customer Challenge

Operators constantly have to deal with unwanted traffic on their network, usually as a result of spammers and attackers. Jawwal was going through the serious predicament of receiving thousands of unwanted SMS messages from rival networks and spammers, which overloaded their network and caused delays in the delivery of legitimate messages sent by subscribers.


The solution to Jawwal’s problem was to install a platform to protect their client’s categories and also lower the occupancy of the SS-7 links within the network. The platform would have to be equipped with an intelligent categorization mechanism, adapting to the criteria set by Jawwal’s management.

Globitel’s SMS Anti-Spam Solution protects mobile networks and subscribers from SMS fraud and spam abuses. The solution monitors international/national short messaging attempts, and (according to pre-configured algorithms governed by a set of flexible parameters), either accepts, queues or rejects them.

Solution Benefits

With SMS Anti-Spam, operators gain a better control and a deeper insight of all incoming off-net messaging traffic. The platform is also equipped with a powerful statistical analysis interface that provides information of the entire international/national SMS traffic to help operators gain a better insight of inbound messaging.

Customer Quote

Once Globitel’s Anti-Spam was installed, were able to block all unwanted incoming messages that originate both domestically and internationally,” said Jawwal’s Amjad Bishtawi, Value Added Services Dep. Manager. “We noticed immense improvement; our network is running smoothly, legitimate messages are delivered on time and spam messages are now a thing of the past.

Key Benefits

  • Bandwidth reservation.
  • New source of revenue if offered as a value-added-service to the subscribers.
  • Different filtration criteria applied at country, network and subscriber level.
  • Gain a better insight of the inbound international/national SMS traffic and the effect of Spam on your network.
  • Increased subscribers’ loyalty and satisfaction.

About Jawwal

Jawwal is the first Palestinian Provider for communication services, it helps all people to communicate through the latest technology regardless of the hard political, economical and social obstacles facing it. With their committed team, they have been able to overcome all the various challenges they faced since inception.

JAWWAL is Palestine’s premiere cellular communications provider, and is a paradigm of professional viability and corporate transparency, with an array of innovative services that empower their customers to communicate in ways never imagined.

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