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We are living in times where offering a multi-channel communication with your customers is no longer a luxury. Yet, it is a challenge to maintain a seamless customer experience over these channels, especially that some communication channels such as voice got mature way before newly introduced channels such as social media. By knowing your audience

Call centers are increasingly turning to analytics technology to enhance their performance, cut costs, and improve efficiency. SpeechLog Analytics is one of the best call center solutions on the market. Customers who utilize it get a great return on their investment including these 9 benefits. Automate Quality Assurance Instead of checking a random percentage of

The Longtime Software Provider Will Share Its Innovations in Transformational Roaming Services and Customer Experience Solutions. Amman, Jordan (January 2023) — Globitel is set to participate in the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona from February 27 to March 2, 2023. The company will present alongside its peers and showcase a spectrum of new developments in

Amman, Jordan (November, 2020) – Globitel, a leading telecom and customer care solutions provider, announces that it has developed Globitel Connect, a new face-to-face communication channel. This additional service provides enterprises with extraordinary virtual reach to customers who otherwise do not find other contact points convenient or sufficient enough to satisfy their needs. About Globitel