User Friendly, Intelligence Dashboard

Globitel Dashboard is a dynamic web based user interface that helps customer engagement center and call center managers operate effectively. Globitel Dashboard allows users to track and monitor data in real-time and make effective decisions based on them. Real-time data is read directly from the center’s ACD and other platforms, in order to make the most appropriate and informed decisions that instantaneously matter. Users have the capability to build different types of dashboards to be displayed on their own PCs or on large screens. Globitel Dashboard software will display KPIs and real time data to agents on the floor using a big board LCD monitor. This feature keeps your managers informed using tablets and smart phones, and provides executives with desktop access on any web browser.

Dashboard Provides Users with Tools to:

  1. Track, monitor and make decisions based on real time data read directly from the ACD and other call center platforms. This provides you with the information needed to respond to difficulties before they turn into crises.
  2. Dynamically choose the sources of data and build the variables to be displayed on the dashboard.
  3. Build multiple screens through the web, and configure the data display type for each screen.
  4. Use the dashboard to display announcements and news feeds.
  5. View all your call center seats on a screen with color coded activities that you can instantly monitor for occupancy.


  1. Pre-built dashboards, reports and communication tools bring value to the contact center.
  2. Empower employees by providing them with the tools to quickly gauge their performance.
  3. Provide management the “peace of mind” of knowing that they have direct access to real-time and historical data to measure and analyze KPI’s.
  4. Integrate it with your Performance Management Platform for the optimum contact center performance management.dashboard website-01
  5. Increases the visibility of business-critical metrics to respond to challenges before they become crises
  6. Empower floor managers by providing them with the tools needed to quickly act upon changes.


  • The Data You Need When You Need it Most.
  • Call Center Priorities Front and Center.
  • Different Appealing Types of Charts.
  • A Real Time View of Performance.
  • Reports.
  • Easy to Add Sources and Define Variables.
  • Seat Map With Real Time Activities.
  • Access Your Data Anywhere.

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