Network Solutions

Network Solutions fulfills three elements:

  • Network Security; the backbone for operators and it carries all processes from start to finish as it is crucial to secure infrastructure.
  • Predictive Analytics; extract rich analytics to predict everything from customer wants and needs, to churn-risk subscribers, and much more.
  • Unified Integration; optimize integration and interaction points within your network to minimize network changes and reduce your costs.
SMS Firewall

SMS Firewall

Customer Retention

Customer Retention

Service Gateway

Service Gateway



Globitel Diameter Controller

SMS Firewall is a unified platform offering distinctive SMS filtering and masking features, allowing operators to gain beer control and deeper insight of all incoming off-net SMS traffic, thus relieving their customers of undesirable SMSs.

Retaining customers is normally a lagging indicator, because assessing why a customer left can only happen after the loss had occurred. With enhanced access to data, many companies have improved their churn prediction model to identify at-risk customers earlier while simultaneously improve loyalty, in order to prevent them from taking their sales revenue to a competitor.

Customer Retention is one of the most well-known applications of machine learning and data science in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Marketing fields. Globitel’s Customer Retention solution combines an improved data management process with a powerful and advanced predictive analytics tool.

Globitel Service Gateway is a dynamic, full-fledged platform that functions as a provisioning and middleware layer; it is considered as a user entry point for provisioning, charging, on minute renewal, triggers’ detection and more.

Service Gateway enables various wireless and dialogue-based messaging applications to be created within the operator’s network. Service Gateway operates in active/active mode or active/standby mode; a single node can handle traffic in case of failure in the other node.

Globitel’s Anti-Spoofing solution gives operators the ability to verify Caller ID’s of all incoming international calls through passive tapping, this simplifies detecting fake Caller ID’s and blocking them to prevent loses resulting from fake roaming calls.

Mobile operators are faced with obstacles such as interoperability, scalability, data overload, routing complexity and security, when employing diameter gateways. Globitel developed its Diameter Signaling Controllers to provide enhanced analysis, deep data control and smart routing.

Globitel Diameter Controller aims to assist operators in hosting and providing a fully functioning, churn-free LTE network. It saves Capex and Opex, reduces the risk of malicious IP attacks and leverages roaming capabilities; ultimately growing the subscriber base and revenue.

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