``I love working for Globitel! I Joined Globitel in March 2006 to work with a professional company that is truly committed to excellence! It is inspiring to work for a company that encourages growth and offers much opportunity for advancement. Globitel’s leaders andmanagers have been very supportive of my efforts and are always available to provide desired training and advice throughout the year, which simply leads me to be more motivated at Globitel.``


    ``Joining Globitel in October 2005 was a beginning of a successful phase in my life. It was a great opportunity to develop my skills and gain enriching experience in various fields. I have observed the success of Globitel’s existence with the outstanding team during the past eight years.``


    ``I am very proud to be part of Globitel, as it’s a unique Jordanian company successfully handling this domain in the local, regional, and international markets. Globitel has a comfortable environment which motivates us to create, innovate, and develop our new ideas.``

Available Vacancies

Responsibilities: Acting as first point of contact with the customer for open cases. Providing the customer with known workarounds and resolutions. Installing and activate Globitel products inside and outside Jordan. Competencies Telecommunication, Computer Engineering or any relevant degree    SQL 2005 – 2008 installation and configuration 0 to 3 year of experience in Technical Support “Software”

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Responsibilities Coordinate with the QA department for testing and Quality Assurance issues. Translates detailed specifications/functional requirements into structured applications programs, scripts, network solutions, or requirements for package selection. Understands the effect of their own task performance on the overall system performance. Investigates and resolves problems, with direction, as they occur. Other software developer duties and

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Responsibilities Act as the first point of contact with the customers for open cases. Gather additional information about reported cases, and perform detailed case analysis by gathering logs, screenshots, and try to reproduce the problem if applicable. Respond to the customers within the customers SLA and CRM response time with case status and expected actions.

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