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In the dynamic landscape of telecommunications, roaming services stand out as a pivotal contributor to industry revenue, these services have become indispensable in today’s interconnected world. However, amidst the vast opportunities lie challenges, particularly in managing fraud and optimizing service quality. This is where the power of roaming analytics comes into play. Roaming analytics, powered

Call centers are increasingly turning to analytics technology to enhance their performance, cut costs, and improve efficiency. SpeechLog Analytics is one of the best call center solutions on the market. Customers who utilize it get a great return on their investment including these 9 benefits. Automate Quality Assurance Instead of checking a random percentage of

We are living in times where offering a multi-channel communication with your customers is no longer a luxury. Yet, it is a challenge to maintain a seamless customer experience over these channels, especially that some communication channels such as voice got mature way before newly introduced channels such as social media. By knowing your audience

A decade ago, the term “Data Annotation” for Machine Learning was not so familiar, it has emerged in recent years drastically and the roles of Data Annotation, namely data annotator, labeller or validator have become more recognized. The functions of Data Annotation rapidly evolved since Artificial Intelligence (AI) has gained commercial value and became indispensable

Digital Transformation has become the mantra for many businesses big and small in the last few years with the Covid19 pandemic accelerating such transformations for many organizations. Competitive pressures, higher customer expectations, and prospects of revenue growth are the key drivers for many of these digital initiatives. Various emerging technologies such as Cloud Computing, Machine

The Need For AI   Artificial intelligence promises to deliver some of the most important innovations of the century. Emerging AI solutions include:  Robotic assistants  Self-driving cars  Workforce forecasting  Speech recognition   Automated disease diagnosis   These will reshape how we work and live.  With the demand for talented engineers increasing in the last few years, there

Happy Customer Leads to Higher Returns Business success depends on happy customers. Happy and satisfied customers are loyal and have bigger lifetime value. Keeping them is also cheaper than getting new customers. But while it may cost less to keep customers, it’s a whole other thing keeping them happy. It’s not so easy these days

In addition to my experience at Globitel, an ICT Software company, I am also a board member at Int@j, so I’m no stranger to developments in the technology industry, which are especially relevant to Globitel’s work as a software solutions provider. Therefore, I can tell you with confidence that Jordan is heading towards a digitized