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We are living in times where offering a multi-channel communication with your customers is no longer a luxury. Yet, it is a challenge to maintain a seamless customer experience over these channels, especially that some communication channels such as voice got mature way before newly introduced channels such as social media.

By knowing your audience and choosing well-integrate channels that best serve your audience and business goals, you can manage a multi-channel CX strategy. A proper CX strategy will eventually help a business grow and build a loyal customer base.

This article will provide you with some ways of managing a multi-channel customer experience strategy.

Ways To Manage A Multi-Channel CX Strategy

A multi-channel customer experience strategy can be complex. It requires a solid understanding of how customers consume different service channels. The way your staff responds to customers, communicates information, and the way you run your operations is very essential. This needs a proper quality control measure across all channels. So, voice has a quality team, but other channels are usually neglected when first introduced.

Cross-functional Collaboration

Your teams should work together to provide strategic direction for the company’s overall customer experience initiative. Identifying and improving operational processes is also essential. That includes internal communication, response time and training of the employees. You can create a system of metrics to measure success.

Collaboration also requires a proper integration between the channels themselves and the back-end systems. We notice that most channels are well integrated with the back-end systems but not in a method that provides a seamless service to the customer who starts with one channel and then decides to continue using a different channel. Especially. When channels are provided by different vendors.

Strong Alignment Between Executives and Customer-facing Teams

Building strong alignment between executives and customer-facing teams is critical for a multi-channel customer experience strategy.

You must be practical about what your business can afford to provide in terms of service and responsiveness. At the same time balance customer expectations with internal business priorities should be your priority.

Such alignment also requires enablement and empowerment of the customer-facing team. This saves a lot of time on your customers and your business.

Sustainable CX Strategy

Customer expectations and needs are always evolving, and a company must evolve with those needs. The most common mistake companies make when it comes to delivering an exceptional CX is failing to implement a long-term strategy.

Companies often put together quick fixes that respond to short-term demands. Building a sustainable and replaceable CX strategy across teams can help you in this case. KPIs like FCR, NPS, CES, and Customer Lifetime Value helps manage operations efficiency and quality.

Defining Policies, Procedures, and Standards

A company should consider the different ways customers interact with a company. You should consider all channels when defining policies, procedures, and standards. Without properly balancing the different customer expectations across each channel, you might end up with procedures that enhance customer experience in one channel yet have a negative outcome in another channel.

A Service Blueprint

The best way to approach developing an overall customer experience strategy for your company is to develop a customer journey map. Graphing all the potential interactions and touch points you would like your customers to have with your organization is also necessary. This approach provides a framework for mapping customer needs and expectations, and how these will change over time. Then adopt this to each channel with the understanding that changes might need to take place depending on the channel type.


Managing a multi-channel CX strategy is possible if everyone in the business works together. Marketers must know how to manage a multi-channel CX strategy in this modern world. Following the right footsteps will help a business to expand and succeed in the long run.

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About the author

Nael Halawa joined Globitel as a partner in 2000 and is now the company’s Managing Director in its KSA office. In the early years, Halawa had an integral role in customer care products developed by the company as he held the Customer Care Director role at Globitel’s headquarters and led the marketing and business development team to grow Globitel’s brand.

In 2016, Halawa took on the role restructuring and managing Globitel’s office in Saudi Arabia, growing Globitel’s presence in the Kingdom and becoming one of the main actors in the growing market. Halawa’s vast experience in customer service and call centers, merged with his technical background and innovation has helped Globitel to become a leader in providing customer care solutions at home and abroad.

Halawa’s superior knowledge in telecommunications has been fortified by an entrepreneurial mind-set that had successfully blended science, marketing and management to take the company even further into the global market. Halawa holds a BSc. in Electrical Engineering from Jordan University of Science and Technology and graduated with stellar performance.

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