Data Rating and Charging

Central Point for Rating and Real-Time Charging of Data Services

The international mobile broadband market is witnessing a signifi­cant growth, with the continuous evolution in 3G, 3.5 G, and the 4G date services are emerging. Such services are becoming more common among users. According to industry reports, the number of mobile broadband subscribers is expected to grow globally in the next few coming years, forming a considerable percentage of all mobile users. This means that revenue generated from mobile broadband services will increase dramatically. Telecom operators need to provide competitive mobile services to take advantage of such a growing market. As data is becoming the new revenue stream, operators need flexible charging solution to maximize their profi­ts while meeting user demands and providing them with various bundling options. Globitel Data Rating and Charging (GDRC) solution provides a central point for the monitoring, controlling, rating and real-time charging of data services that operator offers to subscribers.


  • Subscriber Management.
  • Charging Models.
  • Multiple Rating Criteria:

The operator can defi­ne different rate plans based on the needs of the subscribers. The data rating and charging
engine gives the operator the ability to perform rating based on a multitude of parameters such as location, destination, time, duration, Volume, used services, roaming origin, minimum duration, minimum chargeable unit, and customer price plan, in addition to dynamically defi­ning new required parameters and rates.

  • System Administration:data rating and charging

The platform is equipped with a powerful reporting engine that provides detailed comprehensive reports that help the operators gain a better insight on the various available data services.

Operator Benefits

  1. Lowered operational expenses.
  2. Flexible bundling and charging criteria.
  3. Faster launch of data service.
  4. Data service readily available to roamers.
  5. Real-Time charging to minimize any fraud.

Subscriber Benefits

  1. More available services.
  2. More flexible bundles and charges.
  3. Online Account Query and Top-Up.
  4. Online Usage Notification.

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