Diameter Signaling Controller

Advanced Diameter Signaling Controller

Globitel Diameter Signaling Controller aims to assist operators in hosting and providing a fully functioning, churn-free LTE network. It saves Capex and Opex, reduces the risk of malicious IP att­acks and leverages roaming capabilities; ultimately growing the subscriber base and revenue.

As telecommunication networks migrate from 2G and 3G to 4G via Long Term Evolution (Advanced (LTE-A)), the core network infrastructure transitions from a combination of circuit-switched and packet-switched technologies to an all-IP architecture. And so, the future of telecom mobility network data exchange requires a signaling protocol that functions fully with LTE/LET-A. Because the Diameter is the key protocol for full-IP and LTE networks, mobile operators will soon need to replace SS7 with Diameter Signaling Protocol. However, mobile operators are faced with obstacles such as interoperability, scalability, data overload, routing complexity and security, when employing diameter gateways. Globitel developed its Diameter Signaling Controllers to provide enhanced analysis, deep data control and smart routing.gdc website

Globitel Diameter Signaling Controller functions as:

  1. Diameter Edge Agent (DEA).
  2. Diameter Routing Agent (DRA).
  3. Diameter Load Balancer (DLB).
  4. Diameter Gateway / Interworking Function (IWF).


  1. Advanced routing rules.
  2. Effective topology hiding.
  3. Slick protocol translation and mediation.
  4. Convenient vendor interoperability.
  5. Dynamically scalable high performance.
  6. Easy congestion management and overload protection.
  7. Progressive load balancing.
  8. Non-complex integration and customization.


  • Smart & dynamic action engine based on different conditions responsible for:

– Flow control based on peer.

– Routing.

– Mediation.

– Signaling Screening.

– Customized Rules.

  • Simple web-based dashboard.
  • Real-time message tracing.
  • Quick alarm shooting.
  • Powerful statistical system performance reporting.

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