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Extensya, headquartered in Amman, Jordan, provides a wide range of call center outsourcing services. Extensya believes in the power of investing in the human element of their enterprise, and a cornerstone of their operations is continuous development of Extensya’s workforce.


Due to Extensya’s specialization as a contact center outsourcing enterprise, it allocates a large percentage of their operations to train contact center agents. Training requires a lot of time and it requires to be done on a regular basis due to the high employee churn in the call center industry. Extensya needed a solution to ease the painstaking task of training agents.

Not only was Extensya faced with the difficulty of agent training, other difficulties reared their heads to challenge the enterprise some more. As customers start demanding more, and corporations clawing to get more customers, thereby intensifying the competition, it has become increasingly important to provide customer service that exceeds customer expectations. One of the foundations of Extensya’s operations is continuous improvement of their manpower to provide the best customer service. What they found lacking in the enterprise was efficient management and quality assurance of workforce activities. This led Extensya to seek an innovative and efficient quality management and workforce management solutions in order to fulfill one of their founding principles; fantastic customer service.

“In Extensya, we take pride in being a human oriented enterprise, which focuses on the human element of the company. We never cease to invest in developing the skills of our staff, and always enhancing our quality of service, all for the purpose of continuously improving our customer service. Globitel’s SpeechLog Quality has provided us with great tools to make our quality assurance more effective and less time consuming.”

– Mr. Motasem Alwadi, System Support Supervisor.


Extensya implemented Globitel’s SpeechLog Quality and Workforce Management solutions. Globitel’s SpeechLog Quality evaluates agent performance through an easy to use and comprehensible interface. The system offers advanced data storage and retrieval of recorded calls, agent scorecards to measure agent performance, and report building capabilities. While Workforce Management offers a smart set of tools that helps a call center management in order to improve productivity and track real time adherence. This is achieved by optimizing staff resources, through accurate forecasting, which in turn develops a more efficient schedule. Workforce Management has the following benefits:

  • Accurate forecasting, scheduling, maintaining and monitoring of agent activities.
  • Ensuring agent adherence to specified tasks.
  • Effective reporting engine.


SpeechLog Quality has enabled Extensya to gain important insights regarding agent performance, and in turn used those insights to polish agent handling of customers. When agents are capable of tracking their performance and progress in the workplace, it increases their morale and productivity.

“Following the implementation of Globitel’s SpeechLog Quality, we were able to efficiently and easily perform quality assurance on the recorded calls in our call centers, as well as help us in training agents in a simpler and more effective way, that did not require a long time to complete. Extensya witnessed a significant rise in employee performance due to the insights provided by SpeechLog Quality that enabled us to gain knowledge on any room for improvement.”

– Mr. Motasem Alwadi, System Support Supervisor.

Through Workforce Management, staff optimization was made possible. Optimization of Extensya’s staff achieves the desired service level by striking a balance between the number of available skilled agents and the forecasted traff­ic per daily intervals. This ensures minimal underutilization, which increases efficiency while still maintains agent satisfaction.

“At Extensya, we managed the workforce manually majority of the time. It took a lot of time and effort, and it was simply inefficient. With Globitel Workforce Management, we reduced the time dedicated to manage the workforce by almost half. Not only did we find it easier to create schedules for agents, we reduced the probability of idle agents as well.”

– Mr. Motasem Alwadi, System Support Supervisor.

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