Make Your Roamers Feel At Home with a Combined Short Code Assistance and Call Assistance

Roamers are not always familiar with international dialing, most of whom have their home contacts stored in their handset phone books without the international codes and they expect to dial them just like they do from home. Some roamers also expect to be able to reach their home network services such as voicemail, customer care, directory assistance, etc., using the same short codes that they use in their home network. Globitel’s Feel@Home comprises of two main modules that will help your inbound/out bound roaming customers feel more like home while roaming in your network.

  • Home Dialing Module: assists the roamers to use their home short codes by utilizing a comprehensive global database containing translations of short codes for each network around the world. Call
  • Completion Module: Detects common dialing mistakes performed by roamers, and corrects them by adding the missing international codes to the outgoing calls made by them and optionally notify them of the invalid dialing a­ttempt.

Feel@Home will help your roaming customers feel more “at home” by the short-code dialing correction and virtual home environment modules.feel at home-011

Operator Benefits

  1. Increase the number of completed calls
  2. Continuous updates on short codes mapping database
  3. Boost roamers’ satisfaction
  4. Seamless operation to roamers

Roamer Benefits

  1. No need to remember international codes
  2. Automatic correction eliminates the need to update phone book.


  • Support for Inbound/Outbound Roamers:

Feel@Home platform can be utilized by HPMN or VPMN to correct the inbound/outbound roamers calls.

  • Dialing Numbers Correction Ability:

The system has the ability to detect and correct common dialing mistakes made by roamers including:

  1. Missing/wrong International Access Code
  2. Redundant Area Access Code
  3. Short Codes including: “Voicemail, Customer Care, and Directory Assistance”.
  • Comprehensive Short Code Mapping Database:

Globitel Professional Services provides continuous and comprehensive updates to the Short Codes mapping database for newly added and/or modified short codes offered by global networks.

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