Globitel Implements SpeechLog at Abdul Latif Jameel

Customer Challenge

ALJL is considered one of the oldest and biggest financing companies in the region,; with the largest customer portfolio with in the automotive sector.

Due to the large customer base, maintaining high quality of interaction service between the employees and the customers has been proven to be a challenge, with a high operations cost since the phone was used/misused frequently.

Quality checks over the employee’s customer interaction, whether in the customer care department or collection department couldn’t be evaluated fairly. There were no records kept for the conversations or commitments of payments between the customer and collection staff.

The company saw an opportunity to improve its service and quickly resolve potential disputes by incorporating call recording and monitoring into its operations. After consulting Tawasol – A Solutions Integrator Co.,a highly experienced, qualified professionals, who consistently deliver the highest quality Contact Center and unified communications “VOIP”  solutions, and also a strategic partner for Globitel in the western region of KSA, they suggested to implement the SpeechLog Voice Recording solution from Globitel.


The solution to the problem was to install a call recording system that has the ability to record interactions between agents/employees and the customers.

SpeechLog is one of the leading solutions world-wide for call recording & quality monitoring that offers and empowers the ability to record, store and manipulate bidirectional conversation over different telephony interfaces and/or radio transmission.

From large co-operations to Small-to-Medium Enterprises, any size establishment could benefit from the features and advantages that SpeechLog has to offer. SpeechLog installations and maintenance are flexible and could be suitable to any enterprises.

SpeechLog has been modified with the following features to meet ALJL’s needs:

  • Central storage and management system: A system responsible of collecting the recorded messages, screen capture logs, and any other information from the redundant servers in a single site deployment option, or to collect the data from the different sites at which SpeechLog is installed and store them in a single repository that is accessible from a single point of access which is the general web client of the system.
  • Loud & silence: This component is responsible of detection the voice threshold in the recorded calls, and of flagging the calls as either loud, silence or moderate.
  • Customized reporting system: SpeechLog is empowered with a very powerful reporting engine to provide users with all needed details and information for all levels. In this case a report has been customized and modified for ALJL’s needs and to meet their requirements.
  • Auto-Login/ HR Integration: Auto Login enables users to use a single login to access SpeechLog application. While HR Integration syncs users which are defined in the HR system with SpeechLog users and defines certain privileges according to the user’s role in the company.

Solution Benefits

With SpeechLog, ALJL gets to solve all of the issues addressed regarding their customer interaction and to insure employees provide a high quality of service, and track down the commitments made between both parties through:

  • Call Storage: SpeechLog storage makes it easy to maintain a complete library of calls for retrieval for use in dispute resolution, process adherence and training as needed.
  • Call Search and Playback:When customer disputes arise, ALJL staff can quickly locate the call in question using a variety of searchable information and play it back to determine what was actually said by whom.
  • Multi-site Call Center Environment:Managers can now evaluate calls from the head office and check the performance of more than 160 branches. The centralized solution provides the option of centralized system management and provisioning associated with central data consolidation for better and faster decision making.

“All our calls are archived digitally, which allows for us to quickly and easily research problems, verify sales and, most importantly, ensure that our representatives are handling our customers properly and efficiently,”  Mr. Khaled Omar Algakhlab Director ALJL – IT ALJL said. “Digital voice recording allows us to gain valuable insights and intelligence from the customer interaction process, while ensuring that quality service is being provided.”

Key benefits

  • Liability recording for Agent/Client interactions.
  • Control Quality of Service offered to customer base.
  • Boost agents’ competencies with the Interactive Learning Module.
  • Swiftly respond to different situations through the Online Monitoring Module.
  • Data consolidation and centralized management for distributed call center environment.
  • Integrate with Globitel’s Performance Management Platform for comprehensive Workforce Performance and Incentive Management.

Additional benefits could be considered for ALJL

  • Staff training: All sales agents and customer service representatives receive extensive training in the company’s call center, using actual calls for more realistic training and evaluation.
  • Dispute resolution: Since the company provides customers payment commitments, if they make an error, ALJL’s relevant team uses call recordings to ensure a quick resolution to disputes and shares copies of call segments with customers who have service issues to verify the communication accuracy.
  • Process adherence: ALJL uses scripts and other sales tools to ensure consistency of service. Calls are regularly reviewed to ensure agents and CSRs and collection employees adhere to the appropriate language.

All the mentioned above would be considered as a return on investment due to the assurance of the quality of service, no miss use of the phone, and better training for the current and new coming employee’s from both sales, collections and customer care representative.

Customer Quote

We would benefit from SpeechLog, especially when training new representatives. Our approach is to have them complete a sales/collection phone call and use the tool to listen in on their conversation. This allows us to track how well they are using selling tools, our scripts or other items. Then, we’ll sit down with them to go over the phone conversation, giving them constructive criticism and the ability to hear themselves! It really helps them to understand exactly what’s expected of them and speeds up the training process.

Said Mr. Khaled Omar Algakhlab Director – IT from ALJL.


About ALJL

The ALJ Group is the market leader in providing innovative installment sales and leasing services in Saudi Arabia. Anticipating the delicate needs of consumers with in the financing, United Installment Sales Co. Ltd., (now Abdul Latif Jameel United Leasing – ALJL) was formed by ALJ in 1979. Its objective is to facilitate the sales of new and used Toyota and Lexus vehicles by providing financing for installment sales and leasing. ALJL also offers Leasing for ALJ’s consumer and electronic and durable products.

About Tawasol

Tawasolis a Solution Integrator Company registered in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Our teams of highly experienced, qualified professionals are consistently delivering highest quality Contact Center and unified communications “VOIP”  solutions, business consultancy, outsourced operations and providing value-added services to top institutions in Saudi Arabia and within the Region.


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