Globitel Helps Earthlink Iraq Enhance its Customer Service Operations through Successful Deployment of SpeechLog Solutions Portfolio

Amman, Jordan – September 14, 2023 Iraq’s largest internet service provider, Earthlink, continues to elevate and enhance its customer service operations following the successful deployment of several of Globitel’s SpeechLog customer service solutions. To date, Earthlink has adopted three of Globitel’s revolutionary customer service solutions: SpeechLog Call Recording, SpeechLog Quality, and SpeechLog Analytics, all of which allow the internet service provider to optimize the quality and efficacy of its customer service operations.

Serving 400 Agents with SpeechLog

Earthlink initially approached Globitel in search of an effective and highly customizable solution for managing its call center, which employs roughly 400 customer service agents. In the first phase of their partnership, Globitel supported Earthlink in the deployment of its SpeechLog Call Recording and SpeechLog Quality solutions, customizing these tools in order to meet Earthlink’s specific needs and requirements.

With SpeechLog Call Recording, companies like Earthlink can monitor customer interactions with exceptional ease and efficiency. Employing advanced technological tools, SpeechLog Call Recording can automatically record, monitor, and flag conversations, with multilingual capabilities that can be customized to any dialect. The solution also makes it easy to search through customer interactions based on an endless array of criteria. Meanwhile, SpeechLog Quality allows companies to proactively manage the customer service experience at all levels, with automated employee training, monitoring, evaluations, and more.

The Technical Support Director of Earthlink Iraq, Hussam Mohammed, spoke on the successful implementation of these solutions, saying,

We at Earthlink are immensely grateful to have a partner like Globitel. As Iraq’s largest internet service provider, operating the largest technical support team in the country, our customer service operations require considerable manpower—which necessitates considerable oversight and quality assurance. Globitel was able to provide us with a series of solutions that have been perfectly tailored to our unique needs, and these solutions have played a notable and measurable role in elevating the quality of our customer service operations.

Technical Support Director of Earthlink Iraq, Hussam Mohammed.

Upgrade to SpeechLog Analytics

Following Earthlink’s successful deployment of these two complementary solutions, the company went a step further, adopting Globitel’s SpeechLog Analytics, which allows businesses to analyze customer interactions in real time, employing a highly advanced set of AI-powered tools and technologies. SpeechLog Analytics is designed to be implemented as a customizable module alongside SpeechLog Call Recording and SpeechLog Quality, allowing clients to convert voice conversations into text and transforming customer service interactions into content that can be analyzed to an unprecedented degree of accuracy and complexity.

Globitel’s Managing Partner, Fadi Qutaishat, spoke on the occasion, adding,

It is a great honor to be selected to provide our customer service solutions to an esteemed partner like Earthlink Iraq. As with all of our clients, we worked closely with Earthlink to ensure that our solutions were fully customized to meet the demands of their operations, and we are delighted that they have chosen to expand their license with us based on the success of these solutions. We look forward to continuing to meet and exceed their needs in the years to come.

Managing Partner of Globitel, Fadi Qutaishat

About Earthlink

Earthlink is Iraq’s largest internet service provider, building on more than 15 years of success and industry leadership. With the largest technical support team in Iraq, Earthlink’s experts can be readily deployed to support its clients throughout the country, with operations currently extending to 15 governorates. With over 100 dedicated teams working across 43 offices, Earthlink continues to keep Iraqis connected to the world, working 24/7 to gain its customers’ satisfaction. As Iraq’s first choice, Earthlink delivers the leading internet and technology solutions of tomorrow.

About Globitel

Established in 1996, Globitel has maintained a commitment to technology innovation by providing advanced software solutions and high-quality products for customers in various industry verticals, including telecom service providers, financial service providers, contact centers, government agencies, educational institutions, and healthcare providers. Globitel has offices in Jordan, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt, and Iraq.

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