Globitel in Valencia, Spain GSMA WAS #10

Globitel at GSMA WAS #10

Amman, Jordan (October, 2019) – Globitel, a leading provider of customer care and telecom solutions, announces its participation in GSMA’s WAS #10. The event will take place in Valencia, Spain on October 28th till October 31st, 2019.

Globitel will present its roaming portfolio which comprises of the latest and most innovative solutions that benefit operators as well as their roaming subscribers.

“Roam Analyze” from Globitel, offers in-depth understanding of roamers’ profiles and their habits to better cater services for them, in addition to the Roaming Personal Assistant which becomes a roamer’s right hand.

Moreover, the “VIx Roaming” solution is another recent addition to Globitel’s portfolio that is purely dedicated to operator’s high value roamers. “Silent Roamer Analytics” allows operators to compile profiles of their inactive roamers and offer personalized services to stimulate engagement.

This untapped revenue opportunity is no longer out of reach with this innovative solution. For security and fraud prevention, “Roaming Fraud Detection” from Globitel performs an invaluable function by catching fraud across telecom’s revenue chain; keeping operations as secure as possible.

These solutions, and more, are not only the newest for us, but also for the market at large, as advanced and varied roaming solutions become an industry staple.

Globitel’s Vice President, Fadi Qutaishat, on the WAS experience;

“We are looking forward to the potential partnerships we can gain at the event. We are thrilled that we can connect and network with not only potential partners, but with industry experts as well. The unique and valuable input helps us in our dedication to continuous innovation in all our solutions. It’s also an important listening exercise for what operators need in terms of roaming and operator solutions as well. We will be there ready to embark on an exciting opportunity for continued growth.”

About Globitel

Globitel, founded in 1996, offers a wide range of telecom and customer care solutions in more than 40 countries throughout the world. Globitel’s portfolio consists of a comprehensive suite of solutions to manage the Customer Experience at all touch points and Workforce Optimization for contact centers, as well as Data Analytics solutions that produce valuable insights on the customer service experience.

For operators, Globitel provides a variety of Roaming Analytics and Roaming Intelligence solutions for roaming subscribers, in addition to a suite of solutions covering Call Completion, Call and SMS Control, Mobile Lifestyle, Core Network, Business Support Solutions, Location Management and Positioning, and Security-Centric Solutions.

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