Globitel in the Jordan-Iraq Digital Transformation Forum – Financial Sector in Baghdad, Iraq

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Amman, Jordan (July, 2019) – Globitel, a leading telecom and customer care solutions provider, has just wrapped up its visit to Baghdad, Iraq after a successful event titled “Digital Transformation in the Financial Sector Forum”.

The forum tackled the financial sector in the Iraqi market and the possible opportunities for collaboration with Jordanian companies at the event. As an Information Technology company, Globitel found the forum to be a fantastic way for the company to explore opportunities by tapping into the growing needs of Iraq’s financial sector. The forum’s discussion was heavily concentrated on the exchange of expertise in digital transformation and IT through the great networking with Iraqi banks and financial institutions. 

Globitel has in its capabilities to complete transform a business’s customer service experience. With its SpeechLog 360 CX; a powerful suite of solutions for a consistent customer experience across all customer touch points. They include monitoring and quality assurance of employees and agents at branches and contact centers. Not to mention speech analytics technologies to extract powerful insights, as well as voice biometrics capabilities for an extra level of security.

In addition to a Workforce Optimization suite which manages agents at the contact center, enhance performance, and enable forecasting and scheduling for effective contact center management. These are capable of making the best use out of any contact center.

Business Support Solutions (BSS) are available for financial institutions which include EyeOn, a powerful survey management dynamic and interactive solution to gain easy feedback on bank services, for example.

USSD Gateway is one of Globitel’s Core Network Solutions that allows for bi-directional communication with customers. This not only adds a level of trust and loyalty and customer satisfaction, but will likely produce cost-savings for your contact center due to lower volume of calls with this self-help tool.

And last but not least, Globitel Messaging Gateway enables financial institutions to mass message customers with new offers and services, thereby improving upsell and cross-sell opportunities.

Globitel’s suite of solutions that are catered to financial institutions makes an invaluable addition to contact centers and branches and to the enterprise as a whole.

Iraq’s market is a fertile ground of opportunities to implement projects which focus on digital advancement and evolution to instill foundations of transformation, not only at financial institutions, but in all Iraqi sectors in general. The Iraqi market is an important emerging market through which Globitel can share a pool of skills and talent backed by 22 years of market experience.

Statement from Fadi Qutaishat, Globitel’s VP

“Iraq has tremendous potential with its evolving infrastructure and human capital. The emerging market from the country right now is a fantastic opportunity for collaboration with companies; sharing and exploring expertise, technologies, and more.”

Qutaishat continued,

“I attended the forum and became well familiar with the needs of a market that will soon become active and advanced. The forum was a fantastic introduction to what can come of the Iraqi market and how we can be there to advance the interests of the country’s financial sector.”

About Globitel

Globitel, founded in 1996, offers a wide range of telecom and customer care solutions in more than 40 countries throughout the world. Globitel’s portfolio consists of a comprehensive suite of solutions to manage the Customer Experience at all touch points and Workforce Optimization for contact centers as well as provide Data Analytics solutions that produce valuable insights on the customer service experience.

For operators, Globitel provides a variety of Roaming Analytics and Roaming Intelligence solutions for roaming subscribers, in addition to a suite of solutions covering Call Completion, Call and SMS Control, Mobile Lifestyle, Core Network, Business Support Solutions, Location Management and Positioning, and Security-Centric Solutions.

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