Globitel partners with Business and Professional Women Association in Jordan for the SAWI project

Globitel, a leading provider of customer care and telecom solutions, announces that it is part of the SAWI project by Business and Professional Women Association (BPWA) which aims for “Promoting Women’s Participation in the Labor Market”.

Globitel joins the network of companies in the private sector that tackle the challenges faced by women. These companies partnered with SAWI to improve work conditions for women when it comes to hiring and promotions.

SAWI representatives conducted a series of interviews with Globitel’s HR department, to find shortcomings in the policies of employment, promotion, and job retention, in order to reach solutions that create an ideal environment for working women and guarantee their various job rights.

Women constitute 21% of employees at Globitel which is much higher than the national average, but the company acknowledges more room for improvement, as it aims for more proportionate representation of women.

Fadi Qutaishat, Globitel VP, “We’ve seen firsthand how the IT sector is one of the leading industries that offer the flexibility that women are looking for. In the Jordanian economy, ICT is a leading sector so we understood the importance of our position when it comes to employing women. We’re working to leverage women’s attention to detail, high degree of emotional intelligence which is surprisingly crucial in the technical side of ICT, and their ability to work remotely when needed.”

As key actors in the private sector, Globitel places special focus on developing women’s capabilities, which is a particular deficiency in the ICT sector. The ICT industry in general lags behind in female employment despite more women graduating with IT degrees from universities.

About Globitel

Established in 1996, Globitel has maintained a commitment to technology innovation by providing advanced software solutions and high-quality products for customers in various industry verticals, including telecom service providers, financial service providers, contact centers, government agencies, educational institutions, and healthcare providers. Globitel has offices in Jordan, Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Iraq, and is set to expand to Pakistan and Egypt.

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