Globitel Deploys its Service Gateway Solution at Ericsson Iraq

Amman, Jordan (June, 2019) – Globitel announces that it has successfully deployed its Service Gateway solution at Ericsson Iraq. Service Gateway supports Ericsson in its operations through a wide deployment to cover all their services requirements.

What is Service Gateway?

Service Gateway is a full-fledged platform that functions as a provisioning and middleware layer. It enables various dialogue-based services to be created within the operator’s network. The solution uses a mediation process to handle a huge amount of data generated by multi-vendor network components.

For a Dynamic, Flexible Enterprise

To put it more simply, Service Gateway is a dynamic platform that enables many services in the operator’s network using mediation processes to offer their subscribers a variety of subscription bundles, for example. The solution handles different data sources from different components with different functionalities in order to create a specific logic that performs a particular function based on the operator’s business needs.

In a Nutshell

Service providers and operators benefit greatly from Service Gateway. It makes it easy to design a specific function/service by gathering input from separate network components, all of which offer different information.

An Empowered Ericsson

Through Service Gateway, operators gain the empowering ability to customize services based on market needs. Not only does the solution strengthen an operator’s market standing, but also Service Gateway makes it infinitely simple to diversify offerings or services for their subscribers by connecting all data sources in order to create personalized services (products).

For operators, this user experience is indispensable and crucial. Service Gateway provides all the tools required to enrich an enterprise’s business plans and stimulate subscribers’ engagement, thereby creating a fresh new revenue stream.

Statement from Fadi Qutaishat, Globitel’s Vice President

“At Ericsson, we started off providing one service and then expanded to include the entire Service Gateway deployment. A groundbreaking thing happened with Ericsson through this deployment and we are excited about the opportunity to become further partnered up with this fine establishment.”

About Globitel

Globitel, founded in 1996, offers a wide range of telecom and customer care solutions in more than 40 countries throughout the world. Globitel’s portfolio consists of a comprehensive suite of solutions to manage the Customer Experience at all touch points and Workforce Optimization for contact centers as well as provide Data Analytics solutions that produce valuable insights on the customer service experience.

For operators, Globitel provides a variety of Roaming Analytics and Roaming Intelligence solutions for roaming subscribers, in addition to a suite of solutions covering Call Completion, Call and SMS Control, Mobile Lifestyle, Core Network, Business Support Solutions, Location Management and Positioning, and Security-Centric Solutions.

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