Location-Based Services

Retrieve Mobile Locations through 2G, 3G and 4G Networks

Globitel’s Location-Based Services (LBS)* provides the graphical user interface to enable users to pinpoint locations and track specific MSISDNs (mobile devices) of an operator’s subscribers. This is achieved by retrieving mobile number locations through 2G, 3G, and 4G networks.

Globitel LBS solution also acts as a middleware by providing an enablement layer to build systems that will provide services based on the subscriber’s location. It represents the bridge between operators and a 3rd party to know locations of subscribers who will receive a particular service offered by the vendor.

By implementing LBS solution, operator companies can provide vendors with the right infrastructure and capability to build services for subscribers. This results in an added revenue stream for operator companies.

Capabilities of LBS solution include:LBS GRAPHICS SITE-01

Point Location: The system locates the subscriber’s current location.

Tracking Location: The system provides historical tracking and future tracking concepts. It also has capabilities to locate several time intervals to poll subscribers’ location, and results are shown on the map.

Operator Benefits

– New revenue stream by enabling the right infrastructure.

– Shorten deployment time of location-based services through a mature layer.

– Provide a single point of integration with operators’ core elements to minimize integration hassle of installing different location-based services.

– Enable 3rd party vendors to integrate with LBS solution through standard MLP interface.

– LBS solution is not handset dependent, so it could easily be used for security services like E-911.


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