Missed Call Notification

Your Subscribers Will Never Miss an Important Call

Mobile phones are powerful communication tools. However, in many cases, subscribers find themselves missing important calls. This happens when phones are turned off during business meetings, operator’s coverage in some areas is poor, in the case of batteries running low, or phones are simply turned off for privacy. With Globitel’s Missed Call Notifi­cation service, subscribers will not have to worry about missing important calls. The Missed Call Noti­fication service detects when the subscriber is not available to receive calls, and then logs the calling party’s number and time of call for every attempt made to the subscriber. Subscribers enable the Missed Call Number service to pick-up the call, play a flexibly recorded announcement, then send an SMS message to the subscriber informing them of the call and all details of the missed attempts


  • Notify on Reach-ability:

The system allows for callers to be noti­fied through an SMS whenever an unavailable MCN subscriber comes back online and is reachable. The noti­fication is automatically sent by the system to the callers of the MCN subscriber.

  • Messaging Interfaces:

To provide the operator with maximum flexibility, the system can integrate with the network SMSC through SMPP or the platform can have its standalone SMSC module for noti­fications delivery.

  • Notification Messaging Options:

Missed Call Noti­fication subscribers will have the option to choose among two different notifi­cation options.

  • Dynamic Billing and Charging Interfaces:missed call graphic-01

The Missed Call Noti­fication solution can be integrated with the intelligent network as well as the operator’s billing systems in order deduct the charge of the service. Missed Call Noti­fication service provides a flexible way in charging subscribers with multiple charging criteria.

Operator Benefits

  1. Increase call completion.
  2. Increase revenue from returning missed calls.
  3. Increase customer satisfaction.
  4. Reduce churn.

Subscriber Benefits

  1. Enhance privacy and security.
  2. Improve productivity for business users.
  3. Enrich user experience.
  4. Assure not missing an important call.

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