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MTN Sudan needed a new solution that would help increasing revenue, increase customer satisfaction and attract customers for the service. a new service that noone else in Sudan provided it so that they can provide it to their subscribers first.


With the continuous evolution of the mobile telecommunication industry, Mobile phones are becoming everyone’s first choice gadget, and the impact of the mobile phones is taking a large part in all human life styles whereby mobile operators are eager to invest more and more in the market introducing a new services to the mobile subscribers in order to attract new ones, retain their owns and hence gain more revenue.

It has been noticed in the human lifestyles and especially the youth market segment that individuals tend to post statuses, blogs about themselves on a frequent basis; this behavior can be seen on the social websites like Facebook, MySpace…etc. Globitel introduces its My Status product to extend this behavior on mobiles, where that a subscriber can post his status to the numbers calling him.

My Status

My Status is Globitel unique insight of exploiting the social networks hype through monetizing it as a value added service over mobile telephony.

Benefits For Operator:

  • Introduce new social networking VAS service.
  • Smart New Service which Increase the revenue.
  • Competitive Distinguisher among other mobile network operators.

Benefits for Subscriber

  • Ability to express individualism.
  • Keep your callers updated about your current status.
  • Enriched user experience.
  • Different user-friendly provisioning interface.

Customer Quote

We are delighted to introduce the My Status service to our customers and provide them with the latest trend of social networking and status posting in the mobile industry. We have always found in Globitel a reliable partner, that responds very well and in a cost-effective manner to our technical requirements.


Said Annas Gorani, MTN Sudan’s VAS and SDP Sr. Manager.

“We perceive in this a great opportunity to join hands again with a global leader in mobile telecommunications, “commented Globitel’s VP Sales and Marketing, Mr. Fadi Qutaishat.  “Working with MTN Sudan has given Globitel the chance to take MyStatus even further across the regional map, and we are confident that the solution will prove to be a powerful social service and would benefit both the operator and the subscriber”


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