Performance Management Platform – Zain Jordan

Company & Challenge:

Zain Jordan was the first telecom operator to offer mobile telecom services in Jordan back in 1995. Currently serving the major proportion of Jordan’s population, Zain had over 4.9 million customers by Q1 2016, which is a considerably large base to keep up with in terms of customer service. With one of the most efficient customer care centers, Zain Jordan is reputed for the sleek and effective services provided around the clock to tackle a huge volume of customer communication through calls, emails and social media interaction.

Moreover, staying on top of the quality of services provided requires sophisticated platforms to ensure sharp and effective operations. Normally, QA being a crucial asset in ensuring customer satisfaction consumes time and effort in order to perfect, especially with only 300 agents shifting to serve a large customer base that exceeds 4.9 million.

While Zain Jo is Jordan’s fastest growing telecom operator, it was understandable that with such growth comes the need to invest in increasing the overall call center efficiency while reducing operational effort. And so, Globitel’s Performance Management Platform was the solution Zain Jo had their eyes set on, which caters perfectly to their requirements in toning the quality of outcome and empowering their agents, ensuring customer satisfaction as a result.

Globitel, known for its ability to widely customize solutions and systems for clients and partners, installed PMP at Zain Jo with several customizations made for the solution to adapt into Zain’s business model.

Customer Quote

We at Zain take pride in providing the smoothest and most sufficient services for our customers while their numbers substantially grow with us. Globitel has always been a great partner in providing quality systems such as SpeechLog and PMP for us to operate with proactive efficiency.


Said Yazan Ibrahim, Customer Care Director, Zain Jordan.

Globitel’s Performance Management Platform:

Globitel’s PMP automates the process of monitoring, measuring and evaluating the call center agents’ performance in real time. It captures and aggregates data across multiple platforms using a single unified interface. PMP also empowers the agents by allowing them to monitor their own performance scores and monitor their incentive plans and evaluations in real time.

Benefits & Results:

  • Realtime KPI monitoring
  • Incentive plan management for agents to prove competence
  • Evaluates individuals or the team as a whole
  • Supports user hierarchy
  • Saves effort and time in providing nothing but quality

Customer Quote

Globitel’s PMP is a powerful and crucial asset in our customer care department’s operations. It has helped us in monitoring and keeping our agents’ quality of outcome perfectly toned regardless of the workload we face. It did not only save our time and efforts in monitoring quality, but also reduced operational expenses. It is simple, easy to use and function-rich.

Said Yazan Ibrahim, Customer Care Director, Zain Jordan.

PMP assisted Zain Jordan in managing, tracking and improving the call center’s performance in an adjusted automatic manner, taking workforce activity into a new level of positive business results. It did not only provide insight into what agents are doing, but also how effectively their performance is, to pinpoint top achievers and help in setting what skills need to be sharpened for others.

Individuality of agents was taken into consideration when Zain implemented Globitel’s PMP, as it enables every agent to know what their specific goals are and how they are to be measured. This allowed agents at Zain Jordan’s call center to gain crucially important knowledge that will assist them in succeeding at their job, to finally affect Zain Jordan’s business prosperity through customer satisfaction.

Globitel’s PMP tied the activities of individual agents at Zain Jordan’s call center and the team in whole to the company’s goals; optimizing training and incentive processes as needed to achieve a ray of continuous improvement.

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