Ring Back Tone

Enhance Your Subscribers' Experience by Offering their Favorite Music as Ring Tones

Globitel’s innovative Ring Back Tone (RBT) service gives subscribers the ability to decide what a caller will hear during interconnection. End users will be supplied with a personal library at which they can store the different tones to be used as ring back tones. Through the end-user interface, the user can manage this personal library and assign different Ring Back Tones according to the available assignment criteria. Globitel’s Ring Back Tone solution replaces standard ring back tones with any tone the subscriber chooses using a simple, multi-criteria customization process. Telecom operators have sharpened their focus on building profitable new revenue streams by offering value-added services – both to attract new subscribers and to retain the loyalty of their existing customers. Along with these services comes a critical business challenge: how to deploy them on modular communications platforms that can lower operational costs and provide greater application flexibility to meet evolving marketplace requirements. One solution helping to meet these goals is Globitel’s Ring Back Tone.


  • Assorted Tune Search Options:ring back tone

To increase the tune search flexibility for subscribers, the RBT is equipped with predefi­ned search categories which include Top Accumulated 10 RBT, Weekly & Monthly Top 10 RBT and Operator recommended RBTs.

  • Multiple Content Provider Support:

To give the largest variety of content to the subscriber base, operators can deploy more than one content provider to the RBT Service.

  • New Content Notification:

Content Providers can choose to promote newly uploaded content through the embedded SMS notification module whereby RBT subscribers receive messages informing them of new content.

  • Robust Promotion Campaigns:

Flexibly defi­ned promotional campaigns for tone purchases allow the operator to robustly apply the best promotional campaign to help increase the service adoption rate. Globitel’s RBT platform allows for various promotions.

Operator Benefits

  1. Increase ARPU.
  2. Attract new customers.
  3. Reduce the customer churn.
  4. Incremental high-margin revenue opportunity.
  5. Use for corporate and consumer customers.

Subscriber Benefits

  1. Ability to express individualism.
  2. Set shuffle or sequential playback of Ring Back tones.
  3. Create/upload your own Ring Back tones.
  4. Different user-friendly provisioning interfaces.

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