Sophisticated Roamer Data Analytics Platform

Revenue generated from roaming customers is considered to be one of the most important revenue streams for mobile operators and accounts for around 15% to 20% of overall revenues for some operators. Despite the high revenue and the high margins that roaming services generate, up till now operators did not have a sophisticated statistical interface for gathering important information about inbound roamers behavior and movements providing a better understanding of how to maximize financial performance of the roaming department. Globitel’s RoamAnalyze comprises of a module that can be integrated seamlessly within the current infrastructure of the operator’s network giving new set of comprehensive information, together with a firmer control over inbound roamers.


  • RoamAnalyze is a non-intrusive solution which operates passively.
  • Real-Time monitoring of your inbound roamers activities.roamanalyze
  • Centralized interface that answers various crucial questions to include.
  • Number of inbound roamers entering the network.
  • Geographical distribution of captured inbound roamers.
  • Number & location of inbound roamers you are losing to competitor networks.
  • Number & location of inbound roamers you are re-capturing from competitor networks.


  • Reporting Module Capabilities of RoamAnalyze:

The reporting module makes use of data collected through the probing links monitoring the international MAP traffic flowing through the international links. Data collected is analyzed and placed in trace files to compute various statistics and detailed information that are beneficial for the business analysis of the inbound roamers’ traffic behavior.

  • Flexible Reporting:

Along with the numerous pre-existing reports which are integrated into the platform, customizable reports with variable parameters provide reports tailored exactly to each operator.

  • Real-time Monitoring Interface:

This interface provides a set of online real-time monitor of different SS7 transactions over the international links serving as a window to capture.

  • Seamless Probing Deployment:

The reports generated by the system are generated based on the data collected through the passive probing links. These links can be deployed at the operator’s international links without affecting the current infrastructure of the network.

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