Roaming Analytics Suite from Globitel to Understand Roamers and Offer the Best Experience

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Globitel has updated its portfolio with a brand new suite of Roaming Analytics solutions for a complete understanding of roaming subscriber needs, with the necessary protection against roaming fraud.

Amman, Jordan (August, 2019) – Globitel, a leading telecom and customer care solutions provider, announces that the company has added a suite of solutions focused on the roaming subscriber. Roaming Analytics suite includes advanced solutions such as Globitel’s Roam Analyze as well as brand new solutions.

The roaming industry’s size has grown exponentially with the ease and low cost of traveling these days, and roaming subscribers have become a primary revenue source for operators. This fact has lead Globitel into the roaming industry almost a decade ago, anticipating preemptively the potential roamer market.

Globitel has transformed its roaming solutions and added new ones, as well as created a comprehensive mature analytics solution for roamers called Roam Analyze. Globitel’s Roam Analyze provides a wealth of roamer information, together with a firmer control over inbound and outbound roamers. Roam Analyze has reached a level of maturity and features that makes it integral to telecom operations; completely altering the way operators perceive their roamers and know how to best serve them through a feature-full solution.

In addition to the very advanced Roam Analyze, three additional valuable solutions in the Roaming Analytics suite are of essential utility. Silent Roamer Analytics solution understands silent roamers and enables operators to stimulate engagement; in short, the solution enables operators to compile silent roamer profiles in order to tailor personalized offers to specific silent roamer segments.

VIP Roaming Experience handles VIP roamers. It’s much more cost-effective to retain a customer than gain one. Therefore taking extra care of the most high profile roamers results in great benefits to the operator while enhancing subscriber loyalty and satisfaction; increasing their lifetime value.

Last but not least, Roaming Fraud Detection catches fraud across your roaming revenue chain through a sophisticated framework infrastructure and keeps your operations safe and secure.

Fadi Qutaishat – Globitel VP;

“Our roaming solutions continuously undergo improvements to always be up-to-date with market needs as soon as possible. We’re always learning how to help operators understand their subscribers fully, humanize them, and even predict their needs. Customer service has become one of the primary differentiators among companies and in order to accomplish a fantastic one, operators need the right tools.”

The Roaming Analytics bundle can perform wonders to an operator’s infrastructure and roaming subscriber experience. They not only help operators understand what makes their subscribers tick, but also how to best provide them with services, and make sure the process remains secure.

About Globitel

Globitel, founded in 1996, offers a wide range of telecom and customer care solutions in more than 40 countries throughout the world. Globitel’s portfolio consists of a comprehensive suite of solutions to manage the Customer Experience at all touch points and Workforce Optimization for contact centers as well as provide Data Analytics solutions that produce valuable insights on the customer service experience.

For operators, Globitel provides a variety of Roaming Analytics and Roaming Intelligence solutions for roaming subscribers, in addition to a suite of solutions covering Call Completion, Call and SMS Control, Mobile Lifestyle, Core Network, Business Support Solutions, Location Management and Positioning, and Security-Centric Solutions.

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