Service Gateway

Enable Various Wireless and Dialogue-Based Messaging Applications


Globitel Service Gateway is a dynamic, full-fledged platform that also functions as a provisioning and middleware layer; it is considered as a user entry point for provisioning, charging, on minute renewal, triggers’ detection and more. Service Gateway enables various wireless and dialogue-based messaging applications to be created within the operator’s network. Service Gateway operates in active/active mode; a single node of the gateway can handle the traffic in case of failure in the other node.


SG graphic-01

  • Customer Notification: For each of the offers, the system can define custom SMS notifications in both system languages.
  • Notifications include:
    • Pre-renewal notification
    • Success renewal notification
    • Failed renewal notification
    • Success after fail notification
  • Multi-Language Support: The renewal notification text could be sent in both languages (Arabic and English) in accordance with the subscriber’s language preference.
  • Customer Priority Support: The renewal service will process records from the renewal database based on the expiry date and higher priority status.
  • Renewal Process Custom Action: Customizable renewal process for certain offers.

Service Creation Environment

The need to continually develop applications and added services has become imperative in the telecom industry. Globitel offers Service Creation Environment; an enabling solution for developing protocols to be implemented in the Service Gateway system. The SCE delivers sustained customer value by facilitating rapid development and maintenance of revenue generating services at lower cost.


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