SpeechLog Call Recorder

Comprehensive and Easy to Use Call Recording Software

Globitel’s SpeechLog Call Recorder solution provides comprehensive call recording that adapts easily to unique operational requirements of any call center. It supports virtually any telephony environment, including traditional TDM and VoIP, enabling a seamless transition during technology migrations, as your business grows and evolves. Comprehensive multi-site call recording and playback capabilities optimizes the use of network resources and enables data center consolidation, while providing transparent and universal access to stored calls regardless of where and how they were captured. Globitel’s SpeechLog Call Recorder gives you complete control over the architecture you want to deploy your call recording system to. The effectiveness of Globitel’s SpeechLog Call Recorder solution is exemplified in the redundancy and high-availability options, providing round-the-clock functionality if you cannot afford any failure. Flexible recording rules will let you meet specific needs within the organization, while flexible storage rules determine where recorded calls are archived and for how long. Globitel SpeechLog Call Recorder is our best selling product with over 80,000 licenses worldwide. Our operator clientele is mainly in the Middle East, North Africa, and Asia.


Ease of Use:

Globitel’s SpeechLog Call Recorder solution utilizes the latest technologies in Web development. The user can view the activities of the system, control its configuration, easily search and replay archived conversations. When recalling conversations, a user may search the call recording system according to channel number, time of day, dialed number or calling number, and many other parameters.call recording

Support and Updates:

Diagnosing and fixing any technical problems can be frustrating and time-consuming. Fortunately, Globitel proudly provides a whole line of experts at the first line of support and developers at the second line, providing a fast and reliable service when needed the most. When dealing with critical information, help and support is a crucial determinant. Globitel off­ers online technical support, 24 hour availability via telephone for on-site and remote support. Continuous software updates are provided, which allows us to always keep our customers updated depending on their needs.

Reliability Options:

SpeechLog supports different options for high availability: active-active and active passive to cater for your critical mission operation and disaster recovery deployments. These options are offered in a very reasonable price to encourage reliability.

Multilingual Support.

Open Integration.

Dynamic User Hierarchy Support

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