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Established in 1996, GIG – Arab Orient Insurance Company is one of the leading insurance companies in the region and its reputation is synonymous with reliability and quality. Their leading status in the industry is the result of visionary leadership, professional competence and continued dedication to their clients. The successful enterprise proved its wealth of priceless experiences by becoming the first rated insurance company in Jordan. GIG – Arab Orient Insurance Company has a mission to invest in the best-fit people, practice, processed and technology in ways that will add value to their clients.


In an increasingly competitive market and the rise of demanding customers, even well-established companies such as GIG – Arab Orient Insurance Company is not without struggles. Customer service is one of the biggest challenges facing any corporation regardless of its success. GIG – Arab Orient Insurance Company was aiming to improve their corporate technology in the pursuit of optimal workforce performance, and maintain their already solid reputation. That’s where Globitel’s SpeechLog Quality came into play.

“At GIG – Arab Orient Insurance Company, our clients are at the epicenter of our corporate strategy. We dedicate a great deal of our operations to satisfy our clients. Our need for quality assurance solutions was a natural step to further our workforce performance, since this reflects brilliantly into our clients. Globitel’s SpeechLog Quality was ultimately the best choice for our organization.”

– Ahmad al-Najdi, IT Manager


Globitel’s SpeechLog Quality evaluates agent performance through an easy to use and comprehensible interface. The system offers advanced data storage and retrieval of recorded calls, agent scorecards to measure agent performance, and report building capabilities. Globitel’s SpeechLog Quality is integrated with Globitel’s SpeechLog Call Recorder solution, like in GIG – Arab Orient Insurance Company’s case, or it can be integrated with the enterprise’s already existing call recording software.

Globitel’s SpeechLog Quality solution has many benefits. They include:

  • Dynamic search criteria to suit the search and filtering preferences of users.
  • Enhanced user management; allows multiple users to access the software.
  • Central call management; manages multiple recorders in different locations, allowing analysis between different sites and organizations.
  • Easy integration with Globitel’s SpeechLog Call Recorder solution, or a different call recording system.


Globitel’s SpeechLog Quality was able to monitor the interactions that occurred between the company’s agents and their customers. Managers were able to listen to calls made by their agents which provided an easy to use quality control test. The company was able to evaluate individual calls and highlight strengths and weaknesses while providing training and advice to their agents. GIG – Arab Orient Insurance Company’s agents were also able to listen to their own calls and self-evaluate their performance, setting their own goals and expectations. Empowering agents to measure their own performance has increased employee morale and led to stronger relationships with managers, as well as better interoffice communication.

“After a few months of trial, performance reports showed a significant increase in agent performance. With SpeechLog Quality, we were able to gather insights regarding the performance of our agents, as well as problem areas that were addressed and corrected. The subsequent rise in morale and productivity, led to a better service being provided for our clients, fulfilling our primary goal of putting the client first.”

– Ahmad al-Najdi, IT Manager

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