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Customer Challenge

Umniah is one on the leading operators in Jordan. Since its offcial launch on June 26th 2005, Umniah has succeeded in quickly making a strong impression in one of the region’s most highly competitive markets. With more that 2.4 million subscribers and around 49 shops spread in Jordan, Umniah was faced with a new challenge with managing the performance of the agents at the shops especially after opening in di erent areas in Jordan including Aqaba, Al Karak, Irbid, Zarqa, Madaba and many others to cater to the continuous increase in the subscribers.

Retail managers are constantly struggling to provide the maximum quality of service for their customers especially with the continuous ever-changing customers patterns and the rise of competition in the market.

A coherent strategy for the shops was urgently needed and this is when SpeechLog Retail solution from Globitel was introduced.


SpeechLog Retail solution from Globitel was installed in all the Umniah shops in Jordan. This solution allowed Umniah to record the interaction between the agent and the customer (voice and video) and to screen capture the agent’s desktop. Combining all those features provided the managers with a complete solution to manage the shops and enhance the total customer satisfaction.

Umniah is now able to

  • Record and later listen and watch the agent/client interaction.
  • Control quality of service offered to all clients.
  • Swiftly respond to different situations through the online monitoring module.
  • Integrate SpeechLog Retail solution with the ticketing system at the shops to start recording as soon as the agent starts the conversation with the customer.
  • Integrate with the attendance system to monitor agent’s attendance.
  • Involve the team in bringing out the best of customer service.
  • Define which areas will require training in order to produce the highest customer experience and improve performance.
  • Manage multi site environments through the distributed architecture that SpeechLog Retail solution is built on.
  • Evaluate agents and set incentives based on the agent performance.
  • View and monitor all scores and details using the reporting module.
  • Offer the agents a more secure and safe environment.

Customer Quote

As a result of implementing SpeechLog Retail solution, Umniah moved to first place in the customer satisfaction survey conducted in Jordan, rating operator’s retail shops.


Umniah has been using the solution since 2009. Since the implementation of the solution, Umniah’s retail shops have improved in more than one aspect.

  • Return on Investments in shortest possible time by reducing operations cost of managers and supervisors.
  • Marked improvement in discipline and positive behavioral in the retail shops staff.
  • Additional security of operations, all transactions records can be saved on Audio and Video.
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction.
  • Improved GDI (Guest Delight Indicators)Assurance record keeping and back up archiving accurate business data, analysis, reporting tools.
  • Easy and Centralized Management

One of the main issues that SpeechLog Retail has served Umniah is that now they can follow up on their Retail shops agents when handling, talking and dealing with their customers, maintain a high level of quality, and also due to agents knowing that the conversations are being recorded all transactions will be professional, right to the point, and time saving.

All of the above would lead to a more delighted guest, and a more satisfied customer. When entering the shop they will meet friendly smiling faces, professional treatment, less time on Queue’s, and the records of their transaction is kept at anytime they would need to inquire about it.

As a result of all the mentioned above, Umniah moved to the 1st place in the customer satisfaction survey conducted in Jordan, rating Operator’s retail shops, which now has put Umniah as the leading operator in Jordan in terms of retail customer satisfaction. All this came after the implementation of SpeechLog Retail solution from Globitel, and Umniah’s thrive to improve its agent’s performance and increase the customer satisfaction.


About Umniah:

Umniah, a subsidiary of Batelco Bahrain, has positioned itself as a successful operator in Jordanian telecommunications, offering high quality integrated services, including mobile, Internet, and business solutions, for the best value and at the cutting edge of industry developments.

In 2012, it reached the mark of over 2.4 million mobile customers – a market share of over 31%. Umniah’s broad-band services witnessed a 100% growth in less than 2 years, enabling it to extend wireless Internet services to 80% of the Jordanian population. Umniah have been able to upgrade the infrastructure and expand coverage across Jordan, in support of the National ICT Strategy. It have also contributed to boosting mobile market penetration from 26% in 2005 to more than 135% in 2013. Umniah is proud to be at the helm of the Jordanian telecom industry today.

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