SpeechLog Retail

SpeechLog Retail

The retail shop is considered the most critical touch point with customers. Globitel’s SpeechLog Retail provides a simple solution to increase quality of a retail shop’s representative engagements with your customers. The solution offers a camera with a built-in microphone to record a conversation with clients using both video and audio, to monitor a representative’s appearance, and overall interactions. Evaluation forms can also be built to evaluate selected recording samples.

Globitel’s SpeechLog Retail is a cost effective tool to monitor and record the three primary dimensions of a transaction. The solution allows both verbal and non-verbal interactions to be monitored and recorded for effective and efficient quality assurance and training purposes for recruitment.

AI-Powered Facial Recognition

For Globitel SpeechLog Retail, the team is working to take the solution to an advanced level of quality assurance for retail shop representatives. Using sophisticated AI technologies, when agents interactions with customers are recorded on video and audio, emotion sentiment analysis based on facial expressions and facial cues are detected and analyzed.

Our R & D department is also working to add the ability to detect whether the agent is wearing a mask or not. A highly crucial requirement as enterprises with retail branches are trying to adapt to the needs of today without compromising service quality and the community’s health concerns. For the gulf market, we also customized the solution for the particular culture with red or white shemagh detection. If you would like to learn more, fill in the form below.

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As a result of implementing the Retail Quality Management Solution, Umniah moved to the 1st place in the customer satisfaction survey conducted in Jordan, rating Operator’s retail shops.

Zaid IbrahimUmniah Jordan

Complaints dropped from 6 daily to 0.

Yazan IbrahimZain Jordan

SpeechLog Retail proved to contribute effectively in managing and developing agent performance and protecting the rights of agents and clients in case of any misunderstanding between the two parties inside the customer service centers.

Amr FathiEtisalat Misr

We achieved a return on investment in a short amount of time and effectively caught fraud cases from employees.

Hasan AbdulmonemEtisalat UAE


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