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Telecom Leader in Iraq, Asiacell, on Deployment of the Mobile Service, USSD Gateway from Globitel


Asiacell is a leading provider of quality mobile telecommunications services in Iraq. Asiacell was the first mobile telecommunications provider in Iraq to achieve nationwide coverage, offering its services across all of Iraq’s 18 governorates including the national capital Baghdad and all other major Iraqi cities. The company has cemented strong brand recognition and its established reputation for quality, reliability and service.

Asiacell’s network covers 97.7% of Iraq’s population of 37 million people, and the Company’s management believes that Asiacell enjoys a 42.8% revenue share and 37.9% subscribers share, making Asiacell’s national coverage the most extensive of any Iraqi mobile telecommunications operator.


A telecommunications company like Asiacell with a large subscriber base has an obligation to fulfill the needs of their millions of subscribers. They need to offer subscribers with readily available services that satisfy instant demands and improve the mobile experience. A challenging aspect of a significant and well-renowned telecommunications company is finding services to offer their subscribers.

“At Asiacell, we needed a solution that will have the desired effect of enhanced customer loyalty and satisfaction, as well as a smooth process internally to offer that service. This was a challenging feat at first, until we learned about USSD Gateway from Globitel.”

Amer Sunna, Asiacell CEO


The Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) is a messaging platform that allows high-speed, two-way communication between mobile phones and applications. USSD has transformed the way operators offer premium services for their subscribers. In the past, short codes performed the functions of the USSD but through a very complex process. USSD bypassed this long process and offered subscribes a much easier way to subscribe to services and request information.

Its inherent simplicity, session support and high availability, make USSD the ideal mechanism for subscribers to access their services at home and abroad. Globitel’s USSD Gateway solution is a cost effective and user-friendly tool, enabling network operators to provide mobile subscribers with content-rich, interactive services which are easy to use. Services include: callback, balance inquiry, pre-paid account refill, stock quotes, sports information, interactive games, and others.

Operator Benefi­ts

  • Free rein for creativity.
  • Flexibly create menus and services as required.
  • Cut time to market for new services.
  • Open endless new sources of revenue.

Subscriber Benefits

  • Simple and easy to use.
  • International access.
  • Interactive menu for speed of navigation.
  • Subscriber profile based menus.


Asiacell communicated their utmost appreciation for the successful experience they had for USSD Gateway. They described how when Asiacell’s team was familiarizing itself with the USSD Gateway solution, they enjoyed its vast utility and capabilities from the get-go. Once the USSD service was up and running, Asiacell’s subscribers had easier time acquiring information important to them whenever they needed it.

“After a few months of operating USSD Gateway, the system fulfilled its intended purpose and Asiacell’s expectations; it ran smoothly in internal operations, and enhanced the loyalty and satisfaction of our subscribers as well as improved their mobile experience and overall lifestyle.”

Amer Sunna, Asiacell CEO

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