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MTN Sudan needed a new solution that would help increasing revenue, increase customer satisfaction and attract customers for the service.


Text messaging has been the number one success story of mobile telephony. With astonishing and sustained growth it continues to beat expectations and is still the leading data service on mobile networks. Despite its popularity, it has significant limitations relative to voice communications. With voice, and more specifically Voice and Video SMS, more information and emotion can be shared. Voice and video messaging are not restricted to certain alphabets and characters, as with traditional SMS, so their use and appeal is much more universal. Voice SMS allows everyone, irrespective of language, alphabet or handset, to send a personal and emotive short voice or video message.

Globitel’s Voice SMS

Mobile phones are based on the concept of communicating while on the move. Globitel’s Voice SMS Platform provides your customers with the ability to exchange messages and stay in touch with each other using a cost effective and convenient method.

Many mobile users find using the keypad to create the text messages slow and uncomfortable, and the text message itself short and obscure. Globitel’s Voice SMS avoids the typing and length problem while avoiding the interruption of a phone call. In such cases customers have the ability of sending and replying to SMS messages through voice messages instead of text messages.

Globitel’s Voice SMS expands the use of text messaging thus providing increased revenue to the operator. Globitel Voice SMS combines the best of both services; the voice and SMS that already exist in any operator infrastructure, offering subscribers the ability to send and reply to audio messages through voice messages instead of text messages, irrespective of the handset type.


  • Increase ARPU by offering a new service to the subscriber that will generate recurring revenue and download revenue.
  • Attract new customers for the service by offering a service that works in a viral model. Neither receivers need to subscribe to receive a voice SMS nor subscribe to send voice SMS messages.
  • Reduce churn by providing innovations and giving satisfaction to its customer segment who is fond of innovation.
  • Increase operator image by offering a lifestyle service before its competitor.
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