Workforce Management

Improve Efficiency While Achieving Your Service Level Objectives and Keeping Your Workforce Satisfied

Businesses can have visibility into agent activities and the processes used to accomplish those activities. Globitel’s Workforce Management software offers a smart set of tools that helps call center management to improve productivity and track real time adherence. This is achieved by optimizing staff resources, through accurate forecasting, which in turn develops a more efficient schedule. Optimizing staff resources achieves the desired service level through balancing the number of available skilled agents and forecasted traff­ic per daily intervals.

This process ensures minimal underutilization, which increases efficiency while still maintaining agent satisfaction. Globitel’s Workforce Management software is equipped with dynamic modules to manage your workforce smarter. The software performs scheduling, forecasting, real-time monitoring and maintaining operative aspects such as call volumes, handle time, agent shifting, etc. Globitel Workforce Management has served operators located in the Middle East, specifically in Jordan and the GCC countries.


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  • Flexible and Customizable: At Globitel we do not only provide a fixed solution but we also handle the transition of a project to transform it from where you are now to a fully automated system. Globitel’s solutions
    can be customized and additional functionalities can be added upon new requirements, or depending on business needs.
  • Support & Maintenance: At Globitel, we strive to meet and exceed our customer’s needs and expectations by providing the best value, assuring 24/7 support, maintenance visits and onsite resident engineers if required.
  • Easy Integration: With most ACDs and other platforms in the call center.
  • Reliable and Redundant: The proposed solution has no single point of failure over all its components. This applies to hardware and software components. In order to benefit from the additional hardware are required for redundancy, Globitel’s solution is designed to cater for an active-active type of redundancy in all the components that affect performance.


  • Prayer Time Scheduling.
  • Shift Bidding.
  • Agent’s Notification.
  • Training Planner.

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