Globitel Connect Offers a Virtual Contact Point to Serve Customers with Incredible Ease and Efficiency

Amman, Jordan (November, 2020) – Globitel, a leading telecom and customer care solutions provider, announces that it has developed Globitel Connect, a new face-to-face communication channel. This additional service provides enterprises with extraordinary virtual reach to customers who otherwise do not find other contact points convenient or sufficient enough to satisfy their needs.

About Globitel Connect

Your customers have the ability to reach out with an agent through a trusted communication channel which could be your mobile application or website. The audio-video channel will open as if they are physically present in a retail shop, branch, shop, etc. and simulate the real-life shopping experience. Globitel Connect is a perfect touch point for customers that aren’t satisfied with other conventional contact points, such as calls, visits to retail shops, or digital customer service.

Use Cases

All kinds of industries can benefit from a virtual contact point to add to its service experience. Customers may need to sign documents or prove their identity with the bank; perhaps their router is not working, or a home appliance malfunctioned; or they are experiencing medical symptoms and physical signs that require urgent diagnosis. Whatever the situation, Globitel Connect is the perfect fit that helps businesses cater to their customers’ urgent needs with ease.

Agent Mobility

With a simple login, agents can access their accounts and serve customers anywhere at any time. Agents can work remotely from home, not just from their office work stations. This newfound workplace flexibility greatly enhances agent morale. The solution’s ability to integrate with SpeechLog Retail and Analytics provides a whole new set of features for quality assurance and user evaluation, safeguarding agent rights, and improving the overall customer service experience.

Transformation in Customer Service

Globitel Connect will enrich the customer experience by not only ensuring the quality and performance of agents, but also by creating a new communication channel to ease and enhance the customer journey and set your brand apart. By implementing the Globitel Connect and providing a contact point appropriate for every preference, enterprises will ensure they are always first in line to be a customer’s go-to guide for what they need.

Samer Halawa – Globitel Co-Founder, says:

“Globitel connect provides an easy to use browser-based video communication touch point for customer to connect with your agents, while building on the solid SpeechLog quality management product line that Globitel is known for. Globitel is always committed to adopting the latest technologies and adapting with the latest market trends, especially in the current difficulties presented by the COVID-19 pandemic.”

About Globitel

Globitel was founded in 1996 with commitment to technology innovation. The company has been providing advanced software solutions and high-quality products to customers in various vertical industries including telecom service providers, financial service providers, contact centers, government, education, and healthcare.

Globitel customizes its solutions and products to the local and regional needs of each of its customers. This covers a wide variety of products in Roaming, VAS, and Customer Care, all of which are backed by expert technical skills and professional services.

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