Globitel SpeechLog Retail solution deployed by Ooredoo Kuwait in record-fast rollout

Amman, Jordan – November 2023 – Globitel, a leading telecom and customer experience solutions provider, is proud to announce that it has successfully deployed its SpeechLog Retail for one of Kuwait’s largest telecom companies, Ooredoo Kuwait, rolling out the state-of-the-art solution across 80 shops—and more than 200 customer service agents—in record time.

Globitel’s SpeechLog Retail system allows Ooredoo Kuwait to seamlessly evaluate and monitor their sales representatives, observe and track interactions with customers and derive valuable data and insights in order to enhance their customer service operations. The solution employs audio and video recording tools alongside advanced, AI-powered facial and vocal recognition technology to evaluate the appearance, sentiments, and overall quality of customer service representatives’ in-person interactions with customers.

Commenting on Globitel’s most recent business achievement, the company’s Managing Partner, Fadi Qutaishat, said, “Attaining this contract with Ooredoo Kuwait is a testament to our solution’s proven ability to capture large swaths of data to determine how well shops and agents are performing their customer service interactions.”

“Our goal,” Qutaishat continued, “was to deploy SpeechLog Retail as rapidly as possible, so that our client could immediately begin deriving value from the solution. Our team managed to roll out the solution across 80 shops in record time—meeting our ambitious deadline with time to spare! As one of our top-selling solutions, SpeechLog Retail is now supporting Ooredoo’s operations in Kuwait, helping them achieve higher rates of customer satisfaction across all their retail shops.”

The telecom partner has adopted SpeechLog Retail as part of its strategic efforts to further prioritize its relationships with customers, adding value through every customer interaction at every touchpoint. As always, Globitel is eager to serve as a trusted partner in helping clients achieve their vision for the future of their business.

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