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In addition to my experience at Globitel, an ICT Software company, I am also a board member at Int@j, so I’m no stranger to developments in the technology industry, which are especially relevant to Globitel’s work as a software solutions provider. Therefore, I can tell you with confidence that Jordan is heading towards a digitized

The enormous investments in technology that Jordan has experienced over the past decade have helped the country become competitive within the international technological atmosphere. Investments in ICT have gained momentum because it is an area in which Jordan believes it can achieve a competitive advantage. Jordan established a strong digital infrastructure, which coupled with smart

The Longtime Software Provider Will Share Its Innovations in Transformational Roaming Services and Customer Experience Solutions. Amman, Jordan (January 2023) — Globitel is set to participate in the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona from February 27 to March 2, 2023. The company will present alongside its peers and showcase a spectrum of new developments in