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Zain Jordan Implements Globitel Wholesale Billing and Significantly Improved its Operational Efficiency


Zain Group is a mobile telecommunications company founded in 1983 in Kuwait. Zain has a commercial presence in eight countries across the Middle East and North Africa with 44.3 million active customers. In 1994, Zain in Jordan, formerly Fastlink, was the first to introduce mobile services in the country. In 2003, it was the first to join what is now the Zain Group’s Middle East portfolio.


The process of clearing Interconnect expenses (expenses incurred by allowing subscribers from different operator companies to communicate through their networks) is taking an increasing share of operators’ revenue. It is crucial for operators to have a fast, flexible, and reliable Interconnect solution in order to preserve and maximize revenues.

“Clearing interconnect costs was an extremely time-consuming task that kept Zain Jordan’s employees busy for weeks. Not only was the old process inefficient and incompetent, but it cost us revenue as well. We realized the necessity of a solution that facilitated this process and our eyes set on an innovative Wholesale Billing solution.”

  • Yousef Abu Mutawe, COO at Zain Jordan


Wholesale Billing from Globitel is a web-based solution that allows telecom operators to track, accumulate, and bill national and international carriers for completing calls through their facilities.

Our fully unified wholesale platform is designed to enable your business perform wholesale billing with ease and efficiency. The solution facilitates precise invoicing, settlements, and reporting along with the utility of notifications and much more helpful features; all in real time.

Noteworthy capabilities and benefits of Globitel Wholesale Billing:

  • User-Friendly Interface: The system’s interface is designed to allow for simple and easy navigation.
  • Automatic Price Loading: Price plan formats of carriers no longer needs to be reformatted before being submitted to the system. This process which used to take 3-4 hours by employees is now automated by Wholesale Billing.
  • Open Source: The solution offers customers (operators) the flexibility to modify part of the code/business.
  • Wholesale Billing is cost-effective because it was designed to be compatible for commodity hardware; there is no need to purchase servers worth thousands of dollars to operate the solution.
  • Higher performance is a quintessential aspect of the solution. Before, operator system could handle a few million calls per hour in the past, now handles 50 million calls per hour.


Allowing subscribers from other operator companies to conduct calls through a different operator company has yielded high returns in the telecom industry among operators. Enabling people to complete their phone calls resulted in a positive and fruitful impact on revenue and an enhanced customer experience. The process to clear interconnect costs, a once tiring operation, is now a simple task with Wholesale Billing.

“After implementing Wholesale Billing at Zain Jordan, clearing interconnect costs went from a task that required 3 weeks to finalize, to one accomplished in 2 days. Not only did we reduce our revenue losses, but we also provided Zain Jordan employees with more time to focus on bigger challenges. Employees now invest their energy and talent to tackle new and exciting endeavors.”

  • Yousef Abu Mutawe, COO at Zain Jordan
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