Wholesale Billing

Wholesale Billing Was Never This Simple

Wholesale Billing is a web-based solution that allows telecom operators to track, accumulate, and bill national and international carriers for completing calls through their facilities. The solution enables report building to compile reports which contain crucial information strategic for your business and detailed audit trail information for technical and financial reconciliation management.

Our fully unified wholesale platform is designed to enable your business perform wholesale billing with ease and efficiency. The solution facilitates precise invoicing, settlements, and reporting along with the utility of notifications and much more helpful features; all in real time. With Wholesale Billing, you can secure and grow your business.

With Wholesale Billing, your enterprise can:

  • Manage all partner-related activities: create partners, configure their number plans, tariff plans and rating rules.
  • Manage agreements and calculate settlement charges between multiple partners for a single event.
  • Generate invoices and settlement statements for various types of partners and in their preferred billing currency.
  • Automatic Report Generation.

Operator Benefits

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  • Fast enabling in a single platform.
  • Safe integration.
  • Users achieve more from a single user interface.
  • Collaboration and enablement in a unified process.
  • Clear responsibilities with no redundant or duplicate tasks.
  • Business data is readily available.
  • Users have direct access to all reports as needed.
  • Trade updates are directly reflected in routing and billing.

Subscriber Benefits

  • Ability to connect with anyone via mobile phone regardless of their service providers.
  • Enhanced subscriber experience.

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