Success Stories

Customer Challenge Operators constantly have to deal with unwanted traffic on their network, usually as a result of spammers and attackers. Jawwal was going through the serious predicament of receiving thousands of unwanted SMS messages from rival networks and spammers, which overloaded their network and caused delays in the delivery of legitimate messages sent by

Customer Challenge For an operator, certain services are keystones of revenue-generation, particularly those that take advantage of subscriber appetite for entertainment. One such service is Ring Back Tone (RBT). This innovative service gives subscribers the ability to decide what a caller will hear during interconnection. RBT solution replaces standard ring-back tones with any tone the

Customer Challenge In any network, 90% of the subscriber base belongs to prepaid subscribers, and more often than not, the larger portion of prepaid customers are those who generate low average revenue per unit, as they usually come from youth and mid-ranged income demographics. By the middle of the month, such subscribers usually lack sufficient